The 'Barbie' movie trailer has Easter eggs that suggest a connection to 'Wizard of Oz.'

The Barbie Trailer Is Filled With Easter Eggs That May Hint At The Movie's Real Story

There's no place like Barbieland.

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We know what the Barbie movie looks like, and we know all the megastars who are starring in it, but there’s still one bright-pink question mark at the center of Barbieland: What will the movie actually be about? The trailers have given fans tons of aesthetic candy, but no substantial information. Unless... the true story of the Barbie movie was hiding in plain sight all along. Fans on TikTok have noted some very interesting Easter eggs in the Barbie trailer that suggest the movie will be similar to The Wizard of Oz. And honestly, the connection is very convincing.

After the Barbie trailer dropped on April 4, fans were mesmerized by the all-pink-everything aesthetic, over-the-top fashions, and hilariously stiff dialogue, but some people dug beneath the candy-colored shell to search for the movie’s real meaning hiding beneath the surface. A viral TikTok theory emerged pointing out how the teaser clip may have been one big clue that Barbie’s plot will be a modern retelling of The Wizard of Oz. Here are all the subtle moments that make this theory so compelling.

1. The Movie Theater

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The biggest clue was hiding in plain sight. At one point in the trailer, Barbie drove past a movie theater, which was displaying posters for The Wizard of Oz. The clear shoutout highlighted other references to the classic 1939 film in the trailer.

2. Barbie’s Dress


In the trailer, Barbie is wearing a pink gingham dress that very closely resembles the blue gingham dress Dorothy famously wore in The Wizard of Oz. Obvi, the Barbie version couldn’t be blue, though!

3. Follow The Pink Brick Road

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Dorothy followed a yellow brick road out of Munchkinland in her journey through Oz. But for Barbie, it’s a pink highway out of Barbieland.

4. Toto, I Have A Feeling We’re Not In Barbieland Anymore

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Dorothy’s journey to Emerald City is mirrored by Barbie’s road trip to the real world in the trailer.

5. The Wizard, Will Ferrell

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The trailer only showed a brief glimpse of Will Ferrell’s character, but given all the Wizard of Oz connections, it’s clear who he represents. His character is described as a toy company CEO in the real world, whom we see Barbie meeting with in the trailer. The scene is similar to Dorothy coming face to face with the Wizard of Oz at the end of the movie.

6. The Pink Slippers

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At least ruby slippers come close to Barbie’s aesthetic, but Dorothy’s signature shoes just aren’t pink enough for everyone’s favorite doll. The emphasis the trailer placed on Barbie’s footwear starts to seem like a nod to The Wizard of Oz’s iconic ruby slippers once you digest all the other Easter eggs.

Find out if Barbie really is our modern-day Dorothy Gale when Barbie cruises into theaters on July 21.

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