‘Bachelorette’ Contestants Lee & Kenny Ditch Rachel So They Can Fight, Have Zero Chill

by Anna Menta

We finally got some resolution on this ongoing Kenny and Lee tensions on Tuesday night's episode of The Bachelorette.

It feels like this Kenny and Lee fight has been going on for a million years, thanks to some masterful editing. But it's all over now, and nobody got physical. (Where the heck is Kenny's bloody eye from those promos coming from?!)

Rachel straight-up told Lee she doesn't trust him and finally sent him home.

But it wasn't all good news for Kenny, either. Rachel told him she wasn't ready to give him a rose and wants to spend some more time with him before deciding whether or not he should stay.

And then Lee had the nerve to sneak in one last lie about Kenny and tried to convince Rachel one last time Kenny was threatening him.

It was kind of the last straw for poor Ken.

So, Kenny decided instead of riding off with Rachel in a helicopter he should go back for one last confrontation with Lee. He spent a lot of time laughing angrily, and then told Lee he believed there truly was a good person inside that horrible snake skin.

Meanwhile, Rachel sat alone in the helicopter watching this all go down. Obviously, she wasn't very happy about it.

Rachel later confronted Kenny about this questionable decision to abandon her in the helicopter and go back for more fighting with Lee. Kenny explained, honestly, he was just so in love with Rachel that all his emotions were heightened.

His story won Rachel over, and she finally gave Kenny his rose.

So, Kenny's still alive for now! Unfortunately for his daughter, this means he doesn't get to come home to her just yet. He had an emotional phone call with her, which brought him to tears, despite his daughter's total support.

Meanwhile, Rachel sent both Josiah and Anthony home at the rose ceremony. We'll have to see how Kenny shapes up against the few men who remain contenders for Rachel's heart.