Here's how Gabby Windey's zodiac signs will affect her 'Bachelorette' run.

Gabby’s Zodiac Signs Hint At A Spicy Bachelorette Run

That Leo moon is gonna mix things up.

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Gabby Windey stole Bachelor Nation’s hearts during her time on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. From her goofy moments to her dramatic “no” when Echard asked to walk her out, Windey was an obvious choice for Bachelorette, a title she’s sharing with fellow runner-up Rachel Recchia. Though fans still have a while to wait before they know how this season will play out for Windey’s love life, her astrological chart does drop some clues about what kind of Bachelorette she will be. Here’s how Windey’s zodiac sign might affect her time as the show’s co-lead.

Windey was born on Jan. 2, 1991 and is from Denver, Colorado, making her a Capricorn sun with a Leo moon. This combination makes for an interesting partner and Bachelorette lead. Capricorn suns are the hardworking perfectionists of the zodiac. They tend to be stoic and a little wary of falling fast and hard in love, partially because of how highly they value their independence. On the other hand, Leo moons tend to be more eager for attention from their dating prospects, and they love grand romantic gestures. Considering Windey said she’s on the lookout for an “emotionally intelligent, mature [person] who can challenge me,” that all adds up.

But how exactly will Windey’s astrological chart impact her love life? Here’s what the stars say.

Windey’s Capricorn Sun Will Make Her Extra Picky

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As a Capricorn, Windey is used to expecting perfection from herself — and she’ll probably have those same high standards in a romantic relationship. “Stable, self-reliant, and secure within themselves, Capricorns don’t settle,” astrologer Michelle Saya told Bustle.

When it comes to her suitors, Bachelorette fans can expect Windey to take all of her options seriously — even if she maintains her light-hearted attitude. Just cause she knows how to laugh at herself doesn’t mean she won’t expect her future partner to treat her with all the respect and love she deserves.

Keep your eye on any contestants who seem a little flippant toward Windey or Recchia — there’s a good chance Windey will call them out (and send them on their way) in no time.

Capricorns Like Windey Love Honesty

The sea goat values genuine communication. When it comes to keeping things honest, this sign doesn’t pull any punches. While that may come across as blunt to some, the intentions are good — leading people on (or being led on) is basically a Capricorn’s worst nightmare. So it makes perfect sense that she was so upset about Echard’s decision to send her and Recchia home after begging them to say. Lest we forget Windey’s iconic speech: “I can't believe anything you say, not one thing. You asked me to stay because you were pissed and your pride was hurt because Susie left.”

Don’t expect Windey to keep any contestants around that she has just meh feelings toward. Although I have no doubt she’ll keep things kind, she probs won’t hesitate to tell someone she just isn’t feeling it. Ripping off the Band-Aid is a Capricorn’s specialty, after all.

Windey’s Leo Moon Will Captivate Her Suitors

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Take her zodiac signs out of the equation, and there’s still plenty to love about Windey. She’s a hilarious presence onscreen, and as a former Denver Broncos cheerleader, she knows how to light up any room or crowd. Not to mention, she also worked as an ICU nurse. Windey really does it all.

But let’s not downplay the charming allure of her Leo moon. Like Leo suns, Leo moons tend to draw attention no matter where they are and who they’re with. That’s not a bad quality to have, especially for a Bachelorette, but it could make the fact that Windey and Recchia are sharing the role a bit more complicated.

The silver lining? It seems like Windey and Recchia are still BFFs post-filming, so it looks like Windey’s Leo moon wasn’t too overpowering. In July, Recchia even addressed those worried about the two women being “pitted against each other.” She explained, “Just take one look at me and Gabby now and see how we are. You’ll know that us being pitted against each other is so the opposite of what actually happened.” Plus, it’s not like Recchia’s romantic Pisces sun isn’t attention-grabbing in its own right.

Cannot wait to see how this season plays out for Windey. Fingers crossed the stars stay on her side throughout this ~journey~.

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