Here's The 'Bachelorette' Contestant Everyone Is Talking About After The Premiere

by Jamie LeeLo

The world watched in wonder as the new Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, greeted her contestants on Monday evening.

One by one, men rolled out of a black limo delivering sweet one-liners, speaking in Spanish or dressing as penguins, and social media hurriedly picked their favorites and placed their bets.

Fizziology shared some statistics with Elite Daily on who the world was talking about most on social media, and if you caught the premiere, you might have some guesses.

Or, a guess...

Just... like... one... guess...

That's right, we're talking about Lucas... aka WHABOOM!!!!

I know, I'm mad too.

According to the report, viewers are saying they just CAN'T with this guy, and speculations are high that producers forced a rose on him just to keep him around a little bit longer.

Sure, that breaks the magic of finding "true love," but also makes a lot of sense, I guess.

I personally would enjoy the show a LOT more if there was 100 percent less Whaboom and 100 percent more DeMario, but THAT'S JUST ME.

Other fan favorites include Josiah, Bryan (who received the first impression rose) and Kenny, who won "Awww!" points with viewers over the love he has for his daughter.


Not so surprisingly, Fizziology reports fans can't make up their mind about Fred. Some people have him pegged as an early favorite, while others feel he is too immature and their history of camper/camp counselor is too muddy.

To which I reiterate... WHAT ABOUT DEMARIO?


The promo for the rest of the season looks insane, and fortunately there wasn't a TON of Whaboom to go around in the preview. There was, however, a bloody eye, a viking ship, someone naked in a hot tub and lots and lots of beautiful shots of Rachel walking around in flowing dresses.

In the meantime, Whaboom can WhaWALK right on out of here.