The New 'Bachelorette' Promo Reveals Who This Season's Villain Will Be

by Jamie LeeLo

Tonight was a wild night for the new Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay.

She was tickled by a stranger, forced to speak to a doll, and she was shouted at in a megaphone by a man who calls himself "Whaboom" on national television, so yeah -- you can say we all should buckle in for the upcoming episodes.

At the end of the night, Bryan went home with the first impression rose and Blake, Grant, Jedidiah, Michael, Kyle, Milton, Robert, and the super duper drunk Mohit were sent packing among others. And, you guys: The rest of the season looks insane.

Sure, not as insane as this doll does laying by the fireplace staring into Rachel's soul, but close.


For one thing, Whaboom stuck around for some reason, and so did the guy who helped her make a sand castle.

In the promo, we caught sneak peeks of lots of like, IDK, high-risk situations? There was a pirate ship, a helicopter, something where Rachel is suspended by a wire in the sky and a massive trip to Sweden where someone gets naked in a hot tub.

One thing is for sure, a clear villain sticks out, and that is Lee. Kenny calls him a "snake" at one point and Lee is seen shouting and throwing his hands up in the air a lot -- which, if that doesn't say villain, then I don't know what does.


Also, Kenny has a bloody eye at one point. And listen: Kenny is a professional wrestler for a living, so my bet is on that being an accident, BUT MAYBE IT WAS LEE!

TBH, I kind of wish Rachel could just pick DeMario now and we can all call it a wrap. I mean, let's be real, he's the obvious choice. Right, America?

One thing is for sure: We. Are. Staying. Tuned.