We Need To Talk About Adam And His Creepy Doll Adam Jr. From 'The Bachelorette'

by Katie Corvino

If this is your first time watching The Bachelorette, then boy, oh boy, you better take a seat.

The season premiere -- in my opinion -- is always the best episode, because it includes the infamous limo arrivals.

Yup, this season's Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, will meet her suitors outside the Bachelor mansion for the first time tonight and WEIRD SH*T IS GONNA GO DOWN.

The 31-year-old lawyer from Dallas has not had the chance to eliminate anyone yet, so she'll have to meet the cuties, the hotties and the straight-up freaks for the first time ever... AND WE ALL GET TO WATCH IT HAPPEN!

Every year, there's one contestant who does something totally BIZARRE. We've seen unicorn masks, we've seen dolphin costumes, we've seen marching bands and ponies. But this year, we have something -- err, someone -- who takes the cake.

Bachelor Nation, meet Adam, this year's limo arrival MVP.


The 27-year-old Real Estate Agent decided to go above and beyond to make his first impression memorable for Rachel Lindsay.

He showed up with the creepiest 'effin doll named AJ -- aka, Adam Junior -- and literally horrified the world. I'm serious, I won't be able to sleep tonight without seeing AJ's drawn-on smirk in my nightmares.



When Adam got out of the limo, he ran up to Rachel with the doll like a scene straight out of It. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, RACHEL. SAVE YOURSELF!!!!


He told Rachel the best part is she gets "two for the price of one." Welp, that's creepy AF. I'm not the only one who is freaked out by AJ. Twitter is losing it, too!

Oh, and get this. AJ the doll apparently speaks French. Yup, he had the chance to sit down with Rachel inside the mansion and woo her with his words...

I can't make this stuff up.


Adam Jr., I hope I never see you again in my life.