'Bachelorette' Contestants Blake & Lucas Had The Dumbest Fight And Twitter Lost It

by Anna Menta

Everyone take a deep breath with me. Why? Because I have some news for you...

...Lucas (AKA Whaboom guy) and Blake (AKA the guy who hates Whaboom guy) are officially off The Bachelorette!

Now release that breath in a nice, big sigh of relief.

No more WHABOOM! No more Blake complaining about Whaboom being there for the wrong reasons! Apparently, Rachel Lindsay couldn't take it any longer, told those ABC producers to shove it, and send those two clowns right on home.


But this great reward didn't come without a price — in return for freedom from the Whaboom drama, Bachelor nation had to endure one last hardship: The worst, most cringeworthy, stupidest fight of all time between Lucas and Blake.

Basically, 20 minutes into the third episode of The Bachelorette, Lucas and Blake were at it again. Lucas says "Whaboom" a lot. Blake thinks he's there for the wrong reasons. Lucas thinks Blake stood over him while he was sleeping and slowly ate a banana, so now Lucas is convinced Blake is in love with him. (Don't ask.)

The point is, it was all too much for Rachel. She hit the boys with a rose ceremony, and sent both Lucas and Blake home, along with Jamey.

And then... the "fight" occurred. (Can we call it a fight? I'm not sure it deserves that word.)

While Lucas was trying to give his exit interview, Blake came up behind him, saying he wanted a quick word.

As it turned out, that quick word was something along the lines of, "F*ck you bro, you're a piece of sh*t, you're here for the wrong reasons, you're a wannabe comedian, you're the Whaboom clown and I'm the nice gentleman."

Unsurprisingly, Lucas didn't take this very well and started yelling back at Blake about how actually, it was he who was the true clown.

All things considered, it was truly embarrassing for the both of them. Twitter was not at all impressed. (But was a great chance for us all to utilize our new Spongebob meme.)

Phew. But hey, let's focus on the positives: We never have to hear another "Whaboom" ever again! EVER! (Until the producers inevitably bring him back on. But let's not think about that right now.)