Anna Delvey just explained her unlikely friendship with Julia Fox.

Anna Delvey Explained Her "Random" Friendship With Julia Fox

Apparently, they're collaborating on a project together.


Fraudster heiress Anna Delvey, whose real name is Anna Sorokin, revealed she is collaborating on a project with none other than Julia Fox. In a Feb. 14 interview with the New York Times, Delvey explained what kicked off their unlikely friendship. Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock for all of 2022 knows these are the two names on everyone’s lips this year, so here’s Anna Delvey and Julia Fox’s friendship explained.

It’s no secret Delvey ran with a pretty impressive circle of celebrities and socialites, and as Fox recently revealed, Kanye West’s ex is still close with the scammer. After Inventing Anna premiered, Fox posted an Instagram Story re-sharing Delvey’s Feb. 2 Business Insider article, addressing Delvey as “my dear sis.”

Delvey explained that she and Fox share mutual friends in her Feb. 14 New York Times interview, which was conducted ahead of Netflix’s release of Inventing Anna on Feb. 11. “We actually connected on Instagram when I was out, and we DM’d a bit, and then she jumped on my Clubhouse, which was really random,” Delvey said, who was released from prison in February 2021, but is now detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for overstaying her visa. “I was answering people’s questions about my experience, and she made the forum so much better. She asked all the right questions. We have a similar sense of humor. She was never judgmental, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since.”

Delvey went on to critique the recent media coverage of Fox’s dating life, which blew up when she briefly dated Kanye West. “(Fox) has lots of interesting creative projects going on, and I feel like the media is not doing her justice talking about her dating life,” Delvey said. “We are actually working on a little something together.”

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When probed to give further details on the duo’s project, Delvey simply replied that she’d reveal more details “really soon.”

Although we don’t have any info on this mysterious project, we do know Delvey is currently working on a docuseries with Bunim/Murray Productions. She announced the new show shortly after the release of Inventing Anna, explaining the docuseries will highlight her time in prison rather than focus on her scams.

Delvey was critical of the Netflix show in an interview with Business Insider: “Nearly four years in the making and hours of phone conversations and visits later, the show is based on my story and told from a journalist's perspective,” Delvey said. “And while I'm curious to see how they interpreted all the research and materials provided, I can't help but feel like an afterthought, the somber irony of being confined to a cell at yet another horrid correctional facility lost between the lines, the history repeating itself.”

Regardless of the little details we know about her collab with Fox, consider my interest piqued.