The Latest 'American Horror Story' Trailer Gives Us A Whole New Theory

by Anna Menta

OK, the trailers for "American Horror Story" season six have been all over the place so far.

Every time a new one comes out, I just get more confused and anxious. Creepy monsters on railroad tracks? Colonial cabins in the middle of the woods? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?

Ugh, September 14 just needs to get here already.

This latest trailer basically just rubs in our face how little we know about the next season.

We get a look back on the "AHS" of the past through a montage of images from seasons one through five — the black spandex dude, the nun, the witches, the circus tent and the hotel key through the mouth.

Then we see some quick flashes of the season six images that have been released in teasers and Snapchat videos, presumably a glimpse into the "AHS" of the future.

BUT then, we also got this new-new teaser, released on Thursday on the official "American Horror Story" Instagram page.

OK, so before I get to the theory, let's recap what images we've seen of the new season from these trailers so far.

This creepy glowing-eyes dude.


This creepy glowing-eyes family.


This bald head with the "?6" symbol stitched into it.


This glamorous '50s-esque lady being attacked by a swamp monster.


These ethereal hands grabbing someone's feet on a staircase.


This centipede on some lady's head.


These brush clippers cutting some string thing.


This creepy figure on some stairs.


This child doing a backflip by a campfire.


This house with smoke rising from it.


And finally, these knives making the "?6" symbol.


Now at first glance, that's a lot of random images that don't really seem connected.

But consider this fan theory that cropped up in the comments section on the "American Horror Story" Facebook page: a haunted movie set.


Particularly because the image of the woman and the swamp monster resembles the classic horror film "Creature from the Black Lagoon," many fans think this season might be "American Horror Story: Hollywood."

That would make sense! But we'll have to wait a few more weeks until we find out.

“American Horror Story” season six returns to FX on September 14.

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