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Amelia And Her Mom Seem To Be Dropping Hints On IG That She Broke Up With Scott

She let her fashion choices do the talking.

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Amelia Hamlin’s mom has made it very clear from the start how she feels about her daughter’s relationship with a much older man — Scott Disick. Lisa Rinna has spoken out about their drastic age difference several times on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and stated she doesn’t think the relationship will stand the test of time. Now, she it seems may have got what she wanted. Amelia Hamlin's new shady Instagrams hint at a Scott Disick breakup.

ICYMI: Disick put on the ultimate display of jealousy on Aug. 31 when he sent a DM to Kourtney Kardashian’s other ex, Younes Bendjima, complaining about Kardashian’s recent PDA pictures with her new boyfriend, Travis Barker. Despite being in a relationship with Hamlin, his ex still seemed to be top of mind.

"Yo is this chick ok!????" Disick wrote in the DM along with a photo of Kourtney straddling her boyfriend on a boat. "Broooo like what is this. In the middle of Italy."

Bendjima didn’t seem quite as bothered about the image. He posted Disick’s screenshot publicly online and trolled Disick for sending him the DM in the first place. So — how did Hamlin feel about all this? Judging from her Instagram page, there’s trouble in paradise.

After the saga, a slew of hints started popping up on Hamlin’s IG which incited speculation she and Disick had called it quits. For starters, while Disick was posting pictures from a beach vacation, Hamlin was living it up with her girlfriends. “Get ready we’re going 2 girls din,” she captioned a Sept. 5 photo.

Then, Hamlin posted another photo that had fans raising their eyebrows. An image appeared on her story of a woman wearing a tank top which read, “Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

To further add to speculation, Hamlin’s mom posted a suspicious pic as well. She posted a pic of Harry Styles blowing a kiss goodbye. Fans thought it was a nod to Disick, since Rinna has joked about wishing her daughter would date Styles instead of him.

At first, it seemed like Hamlin was letting the drama roll right off her shoulders. She posted a quote to her IG story after the saga which said: “Let’s be nicer to each other. We’re all trying our best.” But according to a new report, she’s less than thrilled.

"Amelia was definitely annoyed by Scott [allegedly] DMing Younes about Kourtney, but she's not going to do anything about it and they're still together," an insider told Entertainment Tonight. "They are spending Labor Day in New York and planning to go to The Hamptons and then be in NYC for Fashion Week."

According to the source, Disick is also trying his hardest to move past the situation. “[Scott] is a little embarrassed that he reached out to Younes and that he posted their exchange."

Neither Hamlin nor Disick have directly addressed the situation, but in a digital world, social media speaks volumes.