Amanda Is Back In 'Paradise' & We're All Rooting For Her After Last Year


Not everyone on this season of Bachelor in Paradise is making their first trip to the tropical dating show. Amanda Stanton is the one contestant returning from a past season of BiP, after things didn't work out with her and fellow contestant Josh Murray in Season 3. And now that Amanda is back in Paradise looking for love yet again, we're all hoping things will go better for her this time around.

Amanda Stanton walked back into paradise during Monday night's premiere, and made it clear that she was wearing her heart on her sleeve and going all in to find love once again. Fans will remember that on last season, Amanda ended up getting engaged to Josh in the finale. The two ended their relationship pretty quickly afterwards though. To prove that she's ready to find a whole new love this year, Amanda even returned the ring Josh proposed to her with to Chris Harrison before meeting the rest of her new cast mates. Yeah... she's definitely over him.

Amanda had been married once before Josh, to a man named Nick Buonfiglio. During their three-year marriage, which ended right before her stint on Ben Higgins' 2015 season of The Bachelor, they had two children, Charlie and Kinsley.

Although we haven't seen Amanda really getting serious with anyone quite yet, a lot of fans are already shipping her and fellow contestant Robby Hayes. There are already rumors popping up that after the cast filmed the season, Amanda and Robby are still a thing and seeing one another. We haven't really seen Amanda and Robby hitting it off yet, but if those rumors prove to be true, thing should be heating up between the two pretty soon. Keep your eyes on those two crazy kids, Bachelor in Paradise fans! Let's hope this means Amanda will find a more lasting love this year.