Alexis Maloney from Netflix's 'The Ultimatum'

Alexis From The Ultimatum Gets Into Some Big Drama On The Show

Um, wow.


Whenever you watch a reality show, you can expect some level of chaos. Even if reality stars say they don’t want to start any drama, you know the show will likely draw it out of them. But sometimes, some reality stars really go above and beyond when it comes to messy situations. It looks like The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On has one of those stars in Alexis Maloney.

Alexis is one of six people who issued an ultimatum to their partner: either propose marriage or move on to a new relationship. As part of the premise of The Ultimatum, Alexis and her boyfriend Hunter Parr took a break for a bit to see if they hit it off with any of the other people on the show. That means that even though Alexis was ready to marry Hunter when the show began, she still had to explore her other options with the other men on the show, which set up a situation ripe with awkward moments.

But there’s more to Alexis than the tension she has with the other Ultimatum contestants. As you watch everything go down on the show, here’s the lowdown on what she’s like in the real world.

Alexis Maloney’s Real Job

Alexis works in sales, and financial success is really important to her. “Finances are so important to solidify,” she says in the first episode of The Ultimatum. “I have a certain lifestyle that I want to live.”

She’s also an Instagram influencer and runs an LTK Creator shop with links to some of her favorite products.

Alexis Maloney’s Social Media

Alexis is pretty active on Instagram. In addition to using her social media as an influencer, Alexis posts photos from her travels to places like Costa Rica and lots of couples pics with Hunter. She also seems to have a tight-knit friend group that does fun group Halloween costumes.

Alexis is also using her Instagram to promote The Ultimatum, and she even posted a clip where one of the other contestants, Colby Kissinger, tells her he’s not attracted to her. Alexis then takes that opportunity to tell Colby’s original partner, Madlyn Ballatori, that she thinks “she can do 100% better than him.” Oof — and there’s a taste of that reality TV drama fans can expect from her.

The first eight episodes of The Ultimatum Season 1 are streaming on Netflix now.