Madlyn Ballatori from 'The Ultimatum' on Netflix

Madlyn From The Ultimatum Said The Show Airs All Her "Dirty Laundry"

*Sips wine.*


“The only thing scarier than losing you is marrying you,” Madlyn Ballatori tells her boyfriend Colby Kissinger at the beginning of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, pretty much encapsulating all the tension of the series in one sentence. In the new Netflix reality series, six already-established couples must either decide to get engaged or break up and date other people. One person in each couple sets the titular ultimatum, and in Madlyn and Colby’s case, it was Colby. And that left Madlyn in the very weird position of not wanting to break up with Colby, but not wanting to agree to forever with him either.

Madlyn and Colby began dating when they were in college. After they graduated, Colby was ready to take the next step in their relationship. Madlyn, on the other hand, was a lot less sure about their future, so she went along with Colby on The Ultimatum. But that decision may have come with some mixed results. Ahead of the show’s release, Madlyn shared in her IG story that the show airs all her “dirty laundry” — and right from the start, the show’s premise seems to put a strain on her relationship with Cody in a big way.

Here’s everything to know about Madlyn as she faces this big Ultimatum.

Madlyn Ballatori’s Real Job

Madlyn is an IT project manager at an Austin-based company called Nolan Transportation Group, one of North America’s largest logistics companies. Before beginning her work in project management, she graduated from Texas A&M University with a bachelor of science in sociology.

Madlyn Ballatori’s Social Media

Madlyn is on Instagram as @madlynballatori. She proudly shares that she’s a TAMU alum in her IG bio, along with the fact that she’s in The Ultimatum Season 1. She also has an IG highlight reel devoted to The Ultimatum — along with some self-deprecating humor about it. That’s where Madlyn posted that the show will air all her “dirty laundry,” along with a photo of her with one of the series’ opaque silver wine glasses. She also made a joke about hating hearing her own voice on the show in another IG story. At least she’s able to joke about the very strange experience of watching her own drama play out on screen!

On her IG grid, Madlyn posts some family throwbacks and pics with her tight-knit friend group. She also posts photos from her trips to places like Yellowstone.

Madlyn Ballatori Facts

Madlyn has two Maltese pups and seems to love visiting Texas’ many waterways. She’s originally from the Woodlands, Texas, and is the middle child in her family of five kids.

The Ultimatum Season 1 is streaming on Netflix now.