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Adele paused her performance during her Las Vegas residency to talk about her friendship with Lizzo.

Adele Said Lizzo Changed Her Opinion On Music Documentaries

No, but this moment is so sweet.

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Not to be dramatic, but Lizzo and Adele’s friendship is everything. Over the years, the duo have given fans glimpses into their budding bond, including regularly raving over one another’s creative endeavors. The one to most recently do so was Adele. She recently said Lizzo managed to charm her in a way she’d never expected. Warning: Adele’s wholesome words about the Special singer might make you cry.

On Dec. 4, Lizzo shared a video on Twitter of Adele pausing her Weekends with Adele Las Vegas residency to give the singer her well-deserved flowers. In the video, Adele said that she enjoyed Lizzo’s recent documentary, Love, Lizzo, despite not being a fan of musicians making documentaries.

“I absolutely loved [Love, Lizzo]. It was so sincere, and it was so truthful. I enjoyed it so much,” Adele said in the video. “I laughed. I cried. I loved seeing all the footage and photographs of her when she was little, and she’s such an amazing person.” Are you crying yet? Be honest.

This is just the latest moment in what seems to be a seriously genuine friendship. As Adele noted in the video, she met Lizzo before the “About Damn Time” singer became a star. “I met her at a house party and she said ‘Oh, I'm a singer.’ I was like, ‘Oh, this is amazing.’ This was before she was signed [and] before [any of her music] had come out,” Adele said.

What other praise did Adele have for Lizzo? Well, she said the two have had “really amazing one-on-one type, emotional conversations” and that she thinks “very highly of her.”

Her words definitely line up with Lizzo’s recollection of their first meet-up. In December 2021, the singer told People she met Adele at some sort of party a few years ago. Adele even said that after the interaction, she invited Lizzo to a karaoke party, but she turned down the offer at the time.

OK, declining a chance to belt out a few songs with Adele is certainly a choice. Thankfully, Lizzo provided some clarity about missing out on the party in her tweet of Adele’s video. “ADELE I LOVE UUUUU RIGHT BACK & I WANTED TO GO TO THAT KARAOKE PARTY SO BAD WE GOTTA DO IT BIG IN VEGAS BABY— @Adele thank you for watching #lovelizzo,” she wrote.

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Lizzo notably supported Adele’s big comeback last year. She attended the singer’s televised Nov. 14 One Night Only concert special at the Griffith Observatory in L.A., where she sat front row with Oprah Winfrey. At the two-hour event, Adele teased Lizzo for “outshining her” as she sang along to her performance of her hit, “Hello.”

Their friendship is so adorable. Do you know what’d be even better? A musical collab. It’s needed, please.

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