There’s More To ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Adam Than His Creepy Doll


If the only thing you remember about The Bachelorette's Adam Gottschalk is that he had a creepy muppets-style doll, then join the club.

Years from now, when they go back and create a list of the strangest suitors to saunter up to a Bachelorette with zero shame, Adam and the penguin guy from this season will be neck-and-neck.

But Adam is a person, obviously, so there is more to him than his affinity for the toy doll turned wingman, AJ.

Here are a six things to know about the guy who wants to give Rachel Lindsay a two-for-one deal.

1. He's A Real Estate Agent

No word on whether or not he takes AJ to work with him though.

2. Adam Considers Himself A Great Cook

He shared with ABC that not only is he a great cook, but he's also quite the entrepreneur.

Adam said,

I used to cook four-course meals in college and charge people. LOL

Can't be mad at a man who knows how to make his money.

3. He Played Football In College

Yep, he used to carry footballs instead of creepy dolls and something tells me he was much better at that.

4. He (Probably) Speaks French

So since the doll, AJ, speaks French and admit it or not, Adam is the one speaking for him — it might be safe to say that Adam speaks French. If he ever does put his doll aside, then he and Rachel might be able to chat about when he learned and how fluent he actually is.

Maybe a trip to the lovely city of lights, Paris, might even be in the cards for the  two.

Anything's possible when you put the damn doll down, Adam. You see, Adam!?

5. He Flies Planes In His Spare Time

His Facebook timeline shows he's taken a few flight lessons in the last couple of years and he looks like he has a blast doing it. Adam might have made for a great helicopter date, if Rachel hadn't gone on one with Dean.

6. He's A Giving Soul

According to his social media posts, Adam is a bit of a philanthropist. He recently donated sneakers from Dick's Sporting Goods to a Dallas youth basketball team.