AD responded to Clay's new relationship with Celina Powell after 'Love Is Blind.'

AD From Love Is Blind Weighed In On Clay’s Messy New Relationship

She's finally addressing it.


Season 6 of Love Is Blind may be over, but the drama is still raging on for Clay and AD. A couple months after the exes reunited following their failed wedding, Clay revealed he’s begun dating an infamous OnlyFans model and influencer named Celina Powell. The relationship has drawn its fair share of backlash, with even Clay’s mother getting involved. And now, AD is giving her two cents on the couple.

Clay and Celina announced their relationship on May 13 with some coupled-up TikToks, but they didn’t receive a lot of support. That’s because Celina has a pretty messy dating history, which includes when she admitted to lying about being pregnant with Offset’s baby while the rapper was still with Cardi B.

Shortly after the announcement, Clay’s mother Margarita posted a lengthy note expressing her disapproval of the relationship. "I didn't know who CP was until everyone started sending me her YouTube information," she wrote. "It's very interesting that some men will lose everything thinking that the apple is good, but it's a forbidden choice (do better). The deceiver uses old tricks to attack and destroy. Clayton Alexander, you know Jesus will allow things to occur. He's still trying to get your attention….please surrender to him."

Clay responded to the message: “Heard you mom. My apologies.”

As for Clay’s almost-wife AD, she expressed her support of Margarita’s message. "I'm glad that his mom stepped in," AD told E! on May 20. "I think it's on her, and that's their family."

She went on to clarify that she no longer has any connection to Clay. "I think as far as me and Clay's relationship, it kind of ended where it ended," she said. "Everything that he does are decisions on his side, and we've completely separated and went our own ways."


Thankfully for Margarita and AD, it’s looking like they may not have to give Clay and Celina’s relationship another thought. As quickly as it started, Celina has begun posting suspect statements claiming Clay cheated and is a problem. It sounds like this relationship may have ended even faster than Clay’s engagement.