4 Clues From Peter's Instagram That Prove He's The Next Bachelor


It's been widely speculated the next Bachelor will be Rachel's runner-up Peter Kraus, and for a few clues Peter's the next Bachelor, look no further than -- where else? -- social media. Members of Bachelor Nation have been hopeful that the guy now known for not being able to commit to giving Rachel a ring is open to finding love on TV again. The Wisconsin personal trainer's Instagram may hold a bit of insight into his future plans.

He Looks Like He's Single

Peter appears to be flying solo these days, as there aren't any pics that indicate he's found a new lady love. The focus seems to be on promoting his personal training business, Worth Personal Training and living his best life without a shirt on. The only companion he reveals he's snuggling with as of late is his super cute dog, Daisy. And he hasn't slowed down on posting plenty of sexy selfies, that not only suggest he's ready to mingle... they show off his rugged good looks while he's at it.

He's Been Banking On This For This For Years

Literally. His yearbook caption says it all. Now's your chance, "PK." You actually have this opportunity right in front of you.

He Hasn't Definitively Squashed the Rumor

Peter hasn't explicitly said that he isn't the next Bachelor as of late. He told GMA that he would "think about it", which expresses that it might be in the cards. His not being able to propose to Rachel led to the intriguing, yet heartbreaking theory that his goal was to be The Bachelor all along, but that seems hard to swallow or even believe. Ben Higgins was a contender for the role in many fans' minds, but he went out of his way to try and get rid of those rumors, even going out of his way to answer the question on both his Instagram and his personal blog. Hmm.

#TeamPeter Is Real

Bachelor Nation isn't shy about their support for Peter, and thus this hashtag was born. Peter's picture-perfect posts only make America want him more. Adorable.

Hmm, you don't say? "Do something that truly pushes you out of your comfort zone." Being the next Bachelor probably falls under that category, even though he's definitely talking about fitness-related stuff.

Even if Peter's social media doesn't give us a definitive answer, other people's posts come close. Producer Mike Fleiss has been very vocal and downright spoiler-y about the next season on Twitter. And even though he initially tweeted that Peter probably wouldn't be giving out roses, maybe he's changed his tune. When Reality Steve posted about Peter's possible role, Fleiss said we should all stay tuned for shocking news.

What a rollercoaster of information this has all been. Whether you're #TeamPeter or not, here's hoping we get an official announcement soon.