Peter Kraus Finally Reveals Whether Or Not He Wants To Be The Next Bachelor


He may not have won Rachel Lindsay's heart, but he might be getting a second chance at love very soon. After coming in second on this season of The Bachelorette, Peter Kraus is the clear frontrunner to step back into the mansion as the new Bachelor. After all, he was the clear fan favorite from the season, so even though ABC hasn't announced the new Bachelor yet, most of us are pretty confident Peter is the network's first choice. But after that incredibly emotional send off in the Bachelorette finale, the question remains: Does Peter want to be the next Bachelor? Thankfully, he answered that question for all of us on live TV.

Peter Kraus came on Good Morning America Wednesday morning, and host Michael Strahan asked him the question everyone in Bachelor Nation has been dying to ask him since Monday night: Would he be down to be the next Bachelor if asked? True to fashion, Peter gave us a coy response, but that confident smile said it all. He said:

I'd have to think a lot about it.

Afterwards, the audience erupted in cheers and Strahan pointed out that America had already pretty much decided he would get the part.

Also in the interview, Peter addressed that particularly cutting remark he made to Rachel during their breakup, when he told her "Go find someone to have a mediocre life with." Peter said he regrets that remark and got caught up in the heat of the moment when he said it and apologized again to Rachel. Check out Peter's full Good Morning America interview below.

While we still don't know if Peter will officially be the next Bachelor, I have a pretty good feeling in a couple weeks we will know for sure. All the signs seem to point to the end of August or beginning of September as the time of the big Bachelor announcement, so get ready for that!