This Aries-Taurus couple is having an extra romantic Thanksgiving.
These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Most Romantic Thanksgiving

Forget about eating stuffing — your heart will be stuffed with love.

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All right, so Thanksgiving may not be the most romantic holiday, traditionally speaking. Americans tend to spend the day smothering poultry carcasses in butter, discreetly undoing our pants beneath the table (so we can squeeze in just one more slice of pie, obviously), and debating politics with family members who are not unlike Saturday Night Live's "drunk uncle." That said, at its core, Thanksgiving is a celebration of the harvest — a time to reflect and appreciate what we've grown so far this year, metaphorically or otherwise. And — especially for the zodiac signs that'll have the most romantic Thanksgiving — it's a stellar opportunity to turn up the heat, in the kitchen and the bedroom.

Maybe you could leave your S.O. a cute, sappy love note on their place setting at the table! Bring a bouquet of their favorite flowers over for dinner! Heck, maybe you two could even have a sexy pie-making sesh, covering each other in whipped cream while your family watches the parade in the other room. Simply put, there's no shortage of ways to inject a bit more passion into your Turkey Day. And if you're an Aries, Taurus, Virgo, or a Libra, chances are, you've already got some charming tricks up your sleeve.

After all, the fourth Thursday of November is a perfect time to relax and enjoy time with people you care about, in every sense. Whether you're celebrating with your partner, nuclear family, a group of Friendsgiving pals, or a delightful blend of all of the above, there's no better day to show your beau some extra gratitude and affection — especially if you're one of these four signs.


Aries are not only a supremely romantic sign, they're also among the most family-oriented in the zodiac — Thanksgiving was practically tailor-made for these rams. They're creative and imaginative, thoughtful and sympathetic, and sure to make the day feel extra special for all of their loved ones.

Invite an Aries over if you're looking for someone to bond with your parents over mashed potatoes or secretly (and adorably) slip your little sister the least burnt slice of pie. These are the lovely kinds of gestures you can expect from an Aries anytime, really, but especially on a day like Thanksgiving.


A date that includes good food, nice wine, comfy clothes, and staying in? It's a Taurean’s dream come true! Thanksgiving is a combination of all of their favorite things, and if they have someone special in their life, they're likely to make Turkey Day feel like Valentine's Day with an extra slice of pie.

Taureans will think of a million different ways to bring luxury to this holiday, from picking out the perfect flower arrangements to finding just the right fall-scented candle to set the ambiance. You can count on Taureans to make Thanksgiving feel extravagant and special.


Virgo is the taskmaster. A doer and a list-maker, they like to show their partners they care through acts of service. From cleaning the house to setting the table to cooking all of their partner's favorite foods, Virgos will see Thanksgiving as a chance to demonstrate how much they love their S.O.

Cue Destiny's Child "Cater 2 U."


Ah, Libra. Leave it to the scales to make anything romantic. Ruled by Venus — the planet of love and beauty — air sign Libra will make their S.O. feel sultry, sexy, and totally smitten on Thanksgiving. Charming and social, Libras love to be in big groups, but they're also known for paying extra close attention to their partners. From making eye contact across the kitchen to listing their partner as the thing for which they're most thankful (without a moment's pause!), Libras are sure to fill you with stuffing, pie, and sweet, sweet love this holiday.

(And hey, if you're worried that stuffing won't get y'all in the mood, try preparing an aphrodisiac-loaded Thanksgiving side dish for an extra steamy holiday. You're welcome.)

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