Science Says Your Date's Eyes Can Determine Whether Or Not They'll Want A Second Date

by Candice Jalili

Are you constantly stuck wondering, "Will I get a second date?" after the first date is over? You could do things the old-fashioned way and wait until after the date to see if he asks you. OR you could find out mid-date by paying attention to where his eyes are looking throughout your date.

An online video series called Function just released an episode looking into how eye contact changes depending on how we feel about the person we're on a date with.

In the video, seven participants were asked to wear Tobii Pro eye tracking glasses while they went on short blind dates. If you're unfamiliar with what eye tracking glasses do, let me give you a quick refresher: They have infrared illuminators and four cameras inside of them which take up to 100 pictures per second to tell where a person is focusing their attention.

Throughout the date, the eye tracking device did what it does best and kept track of where the person's eyes were focusing. Then, researchers took that information to see how it correlated with the person's likelihood to ask their date out again.

"Eye tracking offers a unique vantage point on the non-verbal communication that goes on during a date,” said Caitlin Cooper, New York-based Dating Consultant and Matchmaker with Three Day Rule. “The average person is completely unaware of how much is being said through just their body language. Having this data on hand can definitely help singles who are looking to make a good first impression and wanting to make that love match.”

Where is your date looking if they're into you?


If your date is into you, odds are, they're looking at your face most of the time. I know it seems like common sense that anyone you went on a date with would be focusing on your face, but the fact of the matter is that, on average, someone's date's face was only the center point of their attention 33 percent of the time for the participants in the video. Meanwhile, people who were actually interested in going on a second date focused on their date's face 36 percent of the time.

More specifically, it may be a good sign if your date spent a lot of time looking directly into your eyes. One participant in the video who claimed they didn't feel a "spark" with their date only looked in their date's eyes 7 percent of the time, while others looked into their date's eyes 11 percent of the time.

What's happening to your date's pupils when they're into you?

If they're pupils are super dilated throughout your date, it could be because your date is on drugs, but it could also be because they're into you. The study found that people who wanted a second date showed larger pupils during the course of conversation (5.53 mm), compared to the pupils of the people who passed on going on a second date (5.27 mm).

How much will you be laughing if your date wants a second round?

Yes, the study primarily focused on eye contact, but by watching people on their first dates, they were also able to pick up on some other indicators that somebody was interested in seeing their date again: like how much you laugh on the date. Video participants who were actually interested in going on a second date laughed twice as much on the date as those who didn't want a second go.

All right, now, it's up to you. Next time you go on a date, you can either play the waiting game to see if your date's going to ask you out again, or you can pay attention to these signals on your next date to let their eyes give you a little sneak preview.

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