People Reveal Tricks To Land A Second Date Before The First Date Is Over

by Hope Schreiber
Simone Becchetti

I've been on my fair share of dates, and by far the worst date is the second date. Of course, most of my first dates include both of us getting drunk enough that we can't remember if we had a good time or not...

Second dates are an investment of time. If you don't impress on the first date, then you're not going to lock down the second.

And if you want to find a beau, or even a longterm boink buddy, then you gotta land that second chance to impress.

But how do you get a second date?

Thankfully, Reddit users who are more versed in the world of love and have the answers.

Show interest in your date.

 Have fun and be yourself!

Showing that you're having a genuine good time with a person is super attractive. On top of that, don't act like you're somebody you aren't.

Eventually your facade will crumble and they'll realize you're not actually Cal Ripken Jr.'s daughter, a lie I once told a date.

Don't kiss, open doors and... pleasure yourself before hand.

If you're stressing about putting your mouth hole on someone else's mouth hole, then you're not being present in the moment.

Manners go a looooong way too. Regardless of your gender, be a decent human and open doors, be on time OR early, and, my secret weapon, call waiters and anyone with a name tag by their name.

Also, masturbate, I guess.

Silence your phone.

This is SOLID advice. Even if you feel awkward and want to look at your phone, don't do it playa.

Pull out  your phone and say, "Sorry, I'm just going to turn my phone to silent." Being more important than a cellphone results in an instant swoon.

And finally...

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