Our Preferred Third Date Activity Says So Much About How Thirsty We All Are

by Jamie LeeLo

There are a lot of "rules" when it comes to dating.

My go-to examples always include things like making sure you aren't always the first person to start a new text convo and not saying "I love you" before it's been three months.

And of course, everybody has an opinion on how long you should wait to have sex, which is more open to interpretation now than it used to be.

In general, you're probably most likely to hear people suggest to wait until the third date to do the deed. Seems fair.

GrubHub (yes, the food-related GrubHub) recently linked up with Tinder to survey more than 2,000 people on their dining and takeout behaviors to see how our eating habits relate to our dating lives.

It turns out, the "no sex until the third date" rule might actually be pretty accurate.

GrubHub Newsroom reports that over 60 percent of daters order delivery on the third date, meaning they're likely staying in for the night. *wink wink*

More delivery orders means more people are staying home to Netflix and chill, which likely means a lot more banging and a lot less chilling (or actually eating that takeout they ordered, in this case).

Even more findings included that 62 percent of people tend to order a heartier, heavier meal on the first date, despite the general assumption that first-time daters may prefer to order a healthier, lighter meal when meeting someone for the first time.

Thirty-six percent of survey responders also admitted they wouldn't even consider a second date with somebody if they didn't at least offer to pay for the first meal.

But let me be the voice of reason here and say whoever did the asking out in the first place should also be the one to pay.

There. Resolved.

Lastly, if for some ungodly reason you decide to order sushi (call me nuts, but raw fish doesn't do it for me, despite the obvious ~sexual~ innuendos), for the love of GOD, learn how to use chop sticks.

Over HALF of the survey participants reported that grabbing a fork for sushi is considered "cringe-worthy."

Geez. Tough crowd.

The moral of this story? If you're coming up on the third date, Netflix and chill is out and takeout and chill is IN!

Pick your fav delivery poison and get to indulging — in the kitchen AND the bedroom.

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