Everyone's Trolling People In LA Over These Bizarre New Sushi Croissants

The hybrid food craze has turned a lot of strange yet magnificent food creations into reality.

I mean, seriously, how the hell did it take us so long to figure out grilled cheese served as the perfect taco shell?

That being said, the food mashup fad is also responsible for the invention of weird franken-foods nobody ever asked for.

Case in point: these bizarre new sushi croissants.

Yep, that's right. The LA-based bakery, Mr. Holmes Bake House, just decided to go where no other bakery has dared to go before by turning two of your favorite foods - sushi and pastries - into one strange AF snack called the "Cali Croissant."

I repeat, this is not a drill. Croissants and sushi just had a love child together, and the results are slightly terrifying.

If you're wondering what this thing entails, let me fill you in.

From the outside, the Cali Croissant looks like your ordinary breakfast pastry.

But don't let that flakey facade fool you. If you cut this bad boy open, you'll find this pastry actually has a sushi roll made with smoked salmon, nori, ginger and wasabi stuffed inside of it.

These things also come with a side of soy sauce for dipping because of course they do.

Now everyone is asking LA one simple question: WHYYYY???

A lot of confused people have been trolling these sushi croissants on Twitter and demanding answers for this hybrid food crime against humanity.


Some people's reaction to this croissant creation was an immediate "nope."


Other adventurous eaters decided to give the Cali Croissant a chance before confirming our suspicions that sushi and croissants shouldn't be combined.


I guess it's safe to say that we should just keep our raw fish where it belongs: deliciously rolled up in a layer of seaweed or rice, not pastry dough.

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