This theory about Kylie Jenner's second baby's name is wild.

Wait, Did Kylie Jenner Reveal Her Baby’s Name? Fans Have A Theory

No, it’s not Rise or Shine.

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are parents (again)! Jenner took to IG on Feb. 6 to share their exciting announcement, but she didn’t give everything away just yet. One thing still in question? The name. Yet that hasn’t stopped fans from developing an interesting theory about Kylie’s second baby’s moniker.

Apparently, a lot of Kylie’s close family and friends are leaving comments on the post with the word “angel,” so much so that fans think they might be hinting at the baby’s name. Kris Jenner commented, “Angel Pie.” Kim Kardashian commented, “👼🏽💙.” Stassie Karanikolaou, one of Kylie’s best friends, wrote, “angel baby ❤️.” Ariel, Kylie’s makeup artist, wrote, “Can’t wait to meet the little angel 👼🏻.” So, yeah, there’s a lot of angel hints going around.

And once fans started digging for more, the name Angel started to sound like a pretty good guess. Back on Jan. 14, Kylie shared photos from her baby shower and there were more angel clues. She captioned the carousel of photos, “🤍👼🏽🦒.” That’s not all. If you scroll through the giraffe-themed shower pics, there’s one with another angel reference: a piece of fabric embroidered with “Angel Baby.”


Sooo, is that the name? Kylie and Travis haven’t confirmed anything yet, so this is still only a guess from social media sleuths. And although there are a lot of angel references, that might have more to do with the baby’s birthday than their name.

According to her IG, Kylie gave birth on 2/2/22, which is an angel number. Angel numbers are recurring sequences of numbers that are believed to have a coded spiritual message, hence the name.

Of course, there’s a chance that Kylie and her inner circle are just really excited about the baby’s birthday. But they were already referencing “Angel Baby” almost a month ahead of time at her baby shower. So maybe they simply associate Kylie’s newborn with angels for some other, private reason?

I’m still not sure, but I have a feeling all will be revealed when Kardashians premieres on Hulu in April — and that’s just how Kris likes it.