A young woman drinks a cup of coffee while texting a crush from her hometown.

16 Flirty, Festive Texts To Send Your Hometown Crush Over Thanksgiving Break

It’s that time of year again.

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Thanksgiving isn’t just about turkey and gratitude: It’s also about invasive questions from relatives, awkward run-ins with people from high school, and the possibility of reuniting with that one ex, crush, or “what if?” person from your hometown. Maybe you’re trying to reignite an old flame, or maybe you’re trying to suss out a high school crush’s relationship status. In any case, you’re going to need the perfect text, and that’s where this list comes in.

If you’re bold — or if you know where you stand — you can always go a more direct route. A generic “Hey, what’s up?” message works, too. But in some cases, you might not know if the crush in question is single, or even home this holiday season. These conversation starters are some cool, casual, and careful jumping-off points, and they’re easy to modify to fit your specific situation. Oh, and as an added bonus, there are also a few flirty, sexy texts, too — because who says Thanksgiving can’t be a hot or romantic holiday?

If you’re starting a casual conversation...

  • Pumpkin or pecan pie? Think carefully.
  • Have you run into anyone from high school yet?
  • Is your fam also getting into some seriously awkward arguments?
  • I don’t mean to brag, but today I learned I make the world’s best mashed potatoes.
  • What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

If you’re feeling things out...

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  • If you’re around this week, I’d love an excuse to get away from the chaos at home.
  • Hey, are you in town? I was just thinking about you.
  • So, my family won’t stop interrogating me about my love life…
  • Is there anything going on around town this week? I’d love to catch up with everyone.
  • It’s been so long! Any chance you can escape your family for a bit and grab a coffee?
  • Do you start feeling weird and nostalgic whenever you’re back here, or is it just me?

If you’re trying to cut to the chase...

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  • Want another reason to feel thankful?
  • I have an important question: Breast or thighs?
  • I’ll definitely be unbuttoning my pants tonight.
  • If you’re game, I’d love to plan a little two-person high school reunion.
  • I’m so exhausted from today, but I think I could make room for a certain dessert.

If all goes according to plan, you might be feeling a little extra grateful this week. And hey, if a meet-up isn’t in the cards, Christmas break is just around the corner.