5 Things You Can Get Away With On Social Media Only When You're Single

by Sheena Sharma

I like to post ranty statuses, funny memes and jokes on Facebook about just how single I am — not only because it helps me get certain things off my chest, but because it helps me connect with other single AF folks, too.

I also religiously follow Instagram and Twitter accounts, like Daddy Issues and Single Betch, that poke fun at riding solo (and make a hell of a lot of money off of it).

The great part about it is, you have certain privileges on social media when you're single that other people in relationships simply can't enjoy. Sure, they can obnoxiously post every little milestone of their relationships (yawn) and countless #couplegoals selfies (major yawn). But as a single woman, you have so much more freedom to experiment... and maybe play around in the DMs?

Here are all the things you can do on social media only if you're single:

1. Post rants and jokes about being single.

Seriously, guys, it's so much fun to do.

And, it makes me more relatable to my followers. I always get positive feedback, like "Thank you, Sheena, for saying what we're all thinking."

You, too, can be that honest beacon of realness (and hope!) for every other single person out there. So say what you feel, and share it.

2. Flirt with that hot guy.

He randomly started following you on Instagram, then liked all of your selfies.

You check out his profile, and dayum, he's cute.

Unlike your coupled up friends, you can DM this cute stranger, and maybe, possibly, end up with a hot date for Friday night. Ah, the perks of being single.

3. Tweet your favorite celebs and ask them to marry you.

I am a big fan of this.

My celeb crush is Calvin Harris. Every now and then, I'll throw him a good ol' tweet just to remind him I'm single and for the taking, and every minute of his life he spends without me is a minute wasted.

Would I have been able to do any of this if I had a boyfriend? No, I would not.

So, I'm just going to hold out for Calvin because, you know, we're meant to be together.

4. Slam your ex, Jelena-style.

I'm not one to call out exes from my past if our relationship didn't work out because of something uncontrollable, like bad timing.

I am, however, one to call out exes who have ever done me wrong or fucked up in some massive way... because they deserve it.

Selena Gomez recently slammed Biebs for posting pics with his new girlfriend(s), and I'm glad she did. Good for her.

Also: RIP, Jelena.

5. Post pics of your hot revenge body.

One of the best ways to get over a breakup (and stick it to your ex) is to show him what he's missing by achieving that dream body you've always wanted and posting a photo of all your hard work all over your social media channels. There's no shame in celebrating your achievements, girl!

It's a win-win: Not only do you get in the best shape of your life, but you also "win" the breakup.

And no, when your ex comes crawling back to you after seeing the photos, you don't have to take him back. That's the joy of being completely unattached.