5 Signs Your Cheap Boyfriend Is Actually A Keeper In The Long Run

Kristen Curette Hines

Dating a cheap boyfriend can be a dud, especially when you make more money than he does.

Feeling worn down by his penny-pinching doesn't make you a goal digger. It can really make World War 3 jump off in your relationship if you two don't manage it carefully.

You'll argue about how he never (OK, rarely) buys you anything.

He'll fuss about how you spend way too much money at the mall. You may borrow $10 from him on Friday, and by Saturday, he's already reminding you to pay him back. Like, damn.

Where's Mr. Big when you need him?



Before you go and screw your life up like Carrie Bradshaw falling for the balling and generous (yet emotionally unavailable) Mr. Big -- your cheap boyfriend may have great qualities that will still sustain your relationship.

Here are a few ways to tell if your ultra-frugal boo thang could still add value you to your life -- financially and otherwise.

1. He's not just satisfied with being "potential" forever.

The cheap boyfriend who's worth something is the one who holds his money close because he's thinking of (and working on) a master plan.


His duckets are being saved for a big move, vacation, or to start up a business.

There's a method to his money-obsessed madness. Stay the course. This guy is already showing signs of being able to make a commitment and stick to it by saving bread for his dream.

As long as you see him actively working towards that dream, don't trip.

2. He still values quality over quantity.


A good cheap boyfriend is always down to save a few dollars, but he draws the line at buying you a shitty birthday gift just because it's on sale. And he would NEVER have you staying in a crummy motel on your couples' vacation.

Cheap bae may not be the boyfriend who'll surprise you with a new gift every other week, but he loosens the hold on his pockets when it matters.

Knowing when and how to show up for what's most important is definitely grounds for a permanent situation.

3. He's not broke, just cheap.

If your guy is broke, I see why you're worried.


A broke man isn't the best boyfriend fit, because how can he devote the effort needed to be a great partner if he has to focus on the struggles and irritations of not making ends meet?

He's certainly not husband material yet because, well, how can he contribute to a household if he can't even provide for himself?

Messing with this guy can unlock Pandora's box -- and I'm not talking about the jewelry store.

But "cheap" and "broke" aren't synonymous. If his finances are together, then there are no worries.

His ambition and hard work are great traits to look for in a partner. Plus, his cheap antics are probably what keep his savings account looking so lovely.

4. His date night game is on point.

Being Mr. Cheap means he's also got to be Mr. Creative if he's going to work with you to keep that spark after the honeymoon phase is over. Couch dates are a no-go, and he knows it.

If your guy is texting you midday to ask if you'd like to go to the (very free) First Fridays in your town or using Groupons for a "Sip & Paint," then you are winning.

... And he's the real MVP.

5. He skimps on products, but values experiences.


So what if he prefers to shop at the Dollar Tree for his toiletries? If he doesn't GAF, neither should you.

If he won't pay for extra sauce packets at Chick-fil-A because "there's sauce at the house," but will still buy a flight to backpack through Europe with you, then let that man rock.

He's obviously still into building a life and making memories with you.

If this is your guy? The glass is half-full, girlfriend.


Better drink up.