10 Ways Traveling Together Early In Your Relationship Puts It To The Test

by Annabel Owen
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Traveling with a partner is exciting and ultimately unavoidable.

Many would argue traveling with a love interest is something that should come much later on -- once the couple is comfortable and in a stable place in the relationship.

But I disagree.

I'm not suggesting to go traveling with your significant other ASAP – we all know the infamous honeymoon period is nothing but fireworks. I'm simply advising not to cross "couple's holiday" off the list in a fresh relationship.

My boyfriend of only a few months suggested a trip to Bali, and we booked it one month in advance. The trip put our relationship to the test, and reiterated why we were (or weren't) right for each other.

So, here are 10 ways traveling early on will put your relationship to the test.

1. You will be with your partner 24/7.

Back home, you may see him or her a lot (especially if the honeymoon period hasn't worn off yet), but there are always occasions when you are by yourself for extended periods of time.

When you go on a trip with your significant other, there is barely room for escape.

If you can put up with each other for an extended period of time, chances are your relationship will continue to blossom, and you can rule out all those "what if we get sick of each other" worries.

2. If you do get time alone, it develops independence.

Yes, you'll be with your significant other a lot, but there could be instances when you choose to do your own thing.

Often, relationships can get to a point where a case of co-dependence kicks in. But if you can go on vacation together, and you are able to also do things independently, it's a sign you may have a strong relationship ahead of you.

3. There will be toilet and bathroom sharing.

Ready to cross some boundaries?

Most of the time, hotel rooms have relatively small bathrooms, especially if they're designed for couples.

Here, those new boundaries of the relationship are crossed. Can your boyfriend or girlfriend handle it? Can you?

4. It takes you out of your comfort zone.

People react differently in different places. If your holiday is an adventure for the two of you, you will both, no doubt, be at least slightly vulnerable.

Exploring and finding ways around a new place and city can give you an idea of what a person is like when exposed to change and new environments.

You will be able to see how well you each handle it -- together.

5. You will see how often you agree or disagree.

This is a big one.

Further on in your relationship, you will need to make decisions together.

When you're traveling, you will have to decide on even the smallest of things together: where will you go for dinner, how will you get from one place to another and what time will you get up in the morning. Not to mention the bigger things: flights, schedules, sights you want to see and activities you want to do.

A holiday will teach you how to maintain a balance between the two of you, and you will learn whether or not you mesh well together when making decisions.

6. You will have to manage a budget.

Vacations aren't cheap. You will have to manage your money – and it will affect both of you.

Toward the end of our trip, my boyfriend and I had to sift out our money on the hotel bed and allocate amounts to our remaining plans.

Budgeting will test if you and your partner will be able to cooperate financially, or perhaps set up the dynamic for how you will handle money between the two of you in the future.

7. There will be couple's photos.

I mean, you have to look great together in photos, right!?

8. You have to trust each other.

You're only traveling with one other person, and so is he or she.

This means you put a huge amount of trust in each other. You are trusting he or she will stick by you. And everyone knows trust is the most important element in a relationship.

9. It is a great way to learn about the other person.

You're on vacation! You're generally more relaxed, and you have time to really get to know the person.

You will learn so much more than you expect: You'll learn about the foods he or she likes, his or her favorite things to do and plenty more.

10. If things go horribly wrong, this person might not be the one for you.

If the trip is awful, and you and your significant other didn't mesh well, you had too many disagreements or it simply didn't feel right, then you know it may not be the best idea to move forward with the relationship.

But if it did go well, it could show you the relationship has amazing potential. Plus, you got a great holiday!