Shanna Moakler reacted to her ex Travis Barker's engagement to Kourtney Kardashian.

Shanna Moakler Reacted To Kourtney & Travis' Engagement And... Yikes

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ICYMI: Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are engaged. Engaged! While the happy couple pops bottles and celebrates their betrothal, all eyes have turned to their exes to see how they’re processing the proposal. And let me tell you: Shanna Moakler’s reaction to Kravis’ announcement was something.

The former Miss USA — who was married to Travis from 2004 to 2006 (the relationship was documented on MTV’s Meet the Barkers) — hasn’t exactly been shy about her ex’s new relationship with Kourtney. In April 2021, a source claimed to People that Shanna found Kravis’ lavish displays of affection “hurtful.”

"Shanna’s moved on from Travis, but it’s been hurtful that everything he’s doing for Kourtney he did before for her, like the plane flying overhead, the flowers,” the source said (referencing Travis’ birthday surprises for Kourtney). “It's all exactly the same." Oof.

Shanna and Travis also have children together — son Landon, 18, and daughters Alabama, 15, and Atiana, 22 (who lives with Travis, though she’s his stepdaughter). In May, Shanna told TMZ that the Kardashians were “destroying [her] family.”

Thickening the plot, Shanna has also accused Travis of having an affair with Kim Kardashian claiming that was the reason their marriage ended — an accusation that Travis, Kim, and sources close to them have denied.

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​​“My family is broken because of this family and now my kids and I are alienated from each other because of another sister in the family, so yay for me,” Shanna told TMZ. She’s been known to like fans’ shady comments about Kravis as well (including one that suggested Travis “downgraded big time” — eek!).

All this to say, we were waiting with bated breath to see how she would respond to Travis and Kourtney’s engagement. And yes, it was just as dramatic as you’d expect.

Hours after Kourtney shared photos of the proposal on Instagram, Shanna shared a Tupac quote on her own Instagram story that read, “Before you ask why someone hates you, ask yourself why you give a f*ck.” (Goodness knows how we’re meant to take this.) She then followed it up with another story, saying, “Temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance” in all caps. Which, like, yikes.

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Shanna had previously been dating Matthew Rondeau, though he confirmed in July that they split up “months ago,” and Shanna hasn’t appeared to be in a relationship since. Either way, we’re wishing her luck in this time of “spiritual maintenance.”