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Shanna Moakler and Matthew Rondeau broke up.

Shanna Moakler's BF Matthew Said He Broke Up With Her "Months Ago"

Guess those breakup rumors were true.

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After a year-and-a-half of dating, Shanna Moakler and Matthew Rondeau broke up in the most low-key way. Though fans already suspected the two had split, it wasn’t until Rondeau confirmed it himself during a July 29 interview with Life & Style that fans knew for sure he and Moakler were over. “I broke up with Shanna months ago, and I’m happier than I have ever been,” Rondeau said. “I’m focusing truly on finding myself again as a person emotionally and mentally.” Later he added, “I hope she finds what she’s looking for, but it’s not going to be me.” Moakler has yet to confirm or comment on the breakup herself.

Fans first got the feeling Moakler and Rondeau were no longer together when they unfollowed each other on social media in early June and then removed all of the pics they had together on their profiles. Rondeau even deleted all the cute comments he’d previously left on Moakler’s pics, so apparently they had a rough breakup. And even though fans are sad to see the two split, it seems Moakler and Rondeau’s relationship was far from perfect when they were still together. In May, the former Miss USA’s daughter Alabama even alleged Rondeau had been cheating on her mom.

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“Everybody thinks my mother is amazing,” Moakler’s daughter wrote in a note posted to her Instagram stories. “Matthew is nothing but awful to her. Not only that, but he cheats on her.” However, Rondeau denied the claims, telling Life & Style Weekly he “never” cheated on Moakler. “Our love is real,” he said. “We had our ups and downs in the past but never have we cheated on one another. ... It’s really sad that things have gotten to this point between her family and her ex-husband Travis.” Moakler never addressed the cheating rumors.

Moakler and Rondeau’s tumultuous relationship started sometime in early 2020, when the model slid into Moakler’s DMs. “I’m super happy,” Moakler gushed when asked about the relationship by Entertainment Tonight in March 2021. “I’m just in a really good place. Work is fantastic and my relationship has been wonderful and I’m just having fun. I’m just enjoying myself.” About a month later in April 2021, reports emerged claiming Moakler and Rondeau had split, and though Moakler initially shut down breakup rumors by posting pics of herself and Rondeau on IG, it seems the two are now done for good.

Here’s hoping Moakler is able to move on from the split (and here’s hoping this doesn’t instigate more drama between herself, Travis Barker, and Kourtney Kardashian).