Men Reveal The Kind Of Sex They Really Want On Valentine's Day And You May Be Surprised

by Sean Abrams
Thais Ramos Varela

Valentine's Day's mere existence as a holiday is just to sell expensive candy, flowers and put pressure on couples to flaunt their love more than they usually would.

Love, affection and sex would be around whether or not Cupid shot you with one of his arrows, but there's just something about February 14 that really ups the ante when it comes to making your partner feel wanted.

When it's time for that good, old-fashioned love-making session, the fact that it's Valentine's Day makes it not only seem like it has to be some crazy, sweaty, out-of-the-ordinary fuck you've never experienced before.

Never used handcuffs before? How about a ball gag? Perhaps a sex swing?

Well, don't get ahead of yourself just quite yet: 37 percent of men want sex "like we always do" with their partner this holiday, according to Elite Daily's reader survey.

But what does that really mean?

Luckily, a handful of gentlemen took to Reddit to express what kind of sex they're hoping for on Valentine's Day. Hot and heavy? Sweet and romantic? None at all? Find out below.

This guy puts his fiancée first, even if it means no sex at all.

My fiancee works at a chocolate shop, I expect Valentine's day to consist of her having an awful day at work.and me trying to make her evening better with food and inane youtube videos - /u/aRabidGerbil

This guy believes the best expectations are none at all.

I don't really expect anything. Valentines isn't a huge deal to me. Also that kind of implies you are having sub-par sex the rest of the year, fuck that. -/u/marley88

This guy thinks the best sex is the kind that fits the mood.

The kind of sex that fits the mood we're in then: Should we crave sweetness, it will be sweet. If we're feeling playful, let it be playful. If we're feeling primally hungry for each other's bodies, let the sex reflect that hunger. I don't schedule the kind of sex we have by calendar. It's best left to the spur of the moment. -/u/middaysun

This guy will take whatever sex he can get.

Considering the bedroom's on life support: any -/u/DVentresca

This guy wants to dabble in the sweet and sensual kind.

I expect to have some sweet, passionate, sensual kind. The sort where you take all the time in the world to make your partner feel good and wanted. The kind where you kiss your partner and tell them you love them, and just how much they mean to you for simply existing in the same time you do. Ultimately I plan on getting my jimmies rocked, but I'll go with the flow. -/u/Turtlesfromdownunder

This guy wants kinky, "Fifty Shades Darker"-inspired sex.

On our version that we're doing we're going to see Fifty Shades Darker on Sunday with the condition that I can drink through it, then doing an escape room with another couple. We'll probably have slightly kinkier sex with her being gagged both due to the movie and as a courtesy to the roommate. On actual Valentine's day probably nothing. She bartends so she'll probably just want to go home and sleep and cuddle. Can't blame her, really. -/u/captainfrobie

This guy would settle for time alone with his hand.

Depends on if my left hand is tired or my right one is tired. -/u/Jeepwave13

This guy is looking to test out some brand new sex toys.

I bought a box of butt plugs so I have an idea. -/u/Kairatechop

This guy wants to basically have the best sex everrrrr.

The largest orgasm of the year next to birthday sex orgasm... -/u/BettyBlueGT

I think it's best not to be tooooo picky. I mean, the best sex is any sex, amirite?

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