6 Sex Positions For When You're Ready To Try Something Slightly New

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If you're looking for someone to bash missionary, you won't find it here. I don't think there's a single soul out there who hasn't had at least one noteworthy experience in this solid — albeit traditional — posish. There's a reason it's easily considered to be one of the most popular beginner sex positions out there. However, there is only so much intense eye contact and sweet kisses a girl can take before she starts to wonder — is this it?

Mixing up things in the bedroom can definitely feel a bit daunting for people who are just starting out and even for those of you who are less comfortable venturing down the roads less traveled. That definitely doesn't mean that there aren't some steamy new positions you can try to put all that yoga to good use.

Thankfully, there are actually more than a few truly phenomenal sex positions for beginners looking to get their feet wet. Don't let insecurities about experience level get in the way of broadening your horizons. Just because you do may not feel ready to go all out, doesn't mean you can't start trying stuff out at a pace both you and your partner are comfortable with.

1. Girl On Top

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Like I said, missionary is nothing to frown at, but for those lusty moments when you're feeling confident enough to take the lead, girl on top can be just what the doctor ordered. Worried about how you look from below? Don't be. Whether it's a casual hookup or a long-term partner, it's safe to say that they'll most definitely enjoy the view. And the best part about it is that it's up to you to control the details like the angle and speed. Take some advice from Lana Del Rey on this one and just ride.

2. Reverse Cowgirl

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I like to think of this position as the reckless cousin of girl on top. The same basic principles apply, only you're facing away from — rather than directly toward — your partner. This means you're still in control of the angle, depth, and speed without the added pressure of feeling like you have to put on a show. This could be a great place to start if you aren't quite ready for the full exposure of girl on top. The unique angle of penetration paired with the scenic view for them makes this a great one to keep in your arsenal for a rainy day.

3. Table Time

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Fun, fun, and more fun. There's just something really scandalous about using random furniture for all your sensual needs. Especially after the fact. Just think about how sex goddess-y you'll feel the next time you host a dinner party and start having flashbacks to that time you did it on your dining room table as one of your friends asks you to pass the salt.

Another plus is that — depending on the height and shape of the table — you may even be able to try out some other positions, like girl on top or from behind, while on the table. The sky's the limit.

4. From Behind

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It's true; doggy-style is an all-time-favorite for some many couples out there and it's easy to see why. By allowing him easy access to all of your erogenous zones, you're not only encouraging him to multi-task, but it also allows for you to try a different angle of penetration than standard missionary.

5. Straddling The Chair

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Imagine how many different chairs you sit in through the course of a day. So why not add it to your sexual repertoire? While your partner is sitting upright in a chair, you basically sit on their lap facing them with your legs on either side of touching the floor. One of the best things about this position is it can really amp up the passion, while also adding a bit of spontaneity into the mix.  It also really delivers in the leverage department by allowing you full control of the depth, angle, and speed of penetration.

6. The Greasy Spoon

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Ok, so I may have taken some liberties with the name on this one, but don't let that deter you; spooning really is worth a try. Basically, all you are doing in laying next to each other while on your side. It's one of the more romantic and intimate positions, seeing as it provides plenty of opportunities for cuddles and caresses — it's kind of like enjoying your favorite comfort food at a greasy spoon, see? Not to mention, it requires less exertion compared to a lot of other positions, which means it's ideal for those longer love-making seshes.

Regardless of which positions you take for a spin, don't be discouraged if takes a bit to get the swing of things. Practice makes perfect.

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