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these responses to Hinge's "dating me is like" prompt are flirty and fun

28 Answers To Hinge’s “Dating Me Is Like” Prompt That’ll Make Matches Swoon

#11 is a vibe.

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One of the trickiest things about online dating is guessing what it would really be like to date one of your matches. What would Saturday nights look like by their side? What might it feel like to wake up next to their mussed-up hair (and morning breath) on Sunday mornings? How full of surprises and adventure and comfort could your potential relationship be? There’s no way to really know, of course — not without actually and actively dating a person — but these 28 responses for Hinge’s “Dating Me Is Like” prompt are sure to hint at the answer in the most adorably charming way.

Maybe you’re looking on Hinge for a romance that’s easy, comfortable, and snuggly, so you want your answer to capture that coziness and warmth. Maybe you’re spontaneous and impulsive, searching for a whimsical partner who also lives life on the edge. Maybe you’re looking to find your new best friend — your better half, someone with whom you can do anything and everything — and you’re aiming to build a solid, serious relationship from there. Or maybe (maybe!), you’re just looking for a good time, not a long time. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got ideas for an answer that will fit your hopes, dreams, and overall vibe.

Here are 28 “Dating Me Is Like” jokes, casual answers, and cute responses that’ll help you find your perfect match, and undoubtedly make everybody swoon.

Fun & Impulsive “Dating Me Is Like” Responses


1. Hearing your favorite song at a dive bar and singing along without a care.

2. Cliff-jumping in Santorini (let’s go!).

3. A shot of tequila and a mouthful of lime.

4. Road tripping to the beach with the wind in your hair.

5. Drinking piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

6. ~Living la vida loca.~

7. Having someone pour tequila in your coffee cup each morning.

8. That moment your favorite band comes on stage — except forever.

Cozy & Romantic “Dating Me Is Like” Responses

9. Finding money in the pocket of your favorite old jeans.

10. Bundling up with hot chocolate on a snowy afternoon.

11. Curling up in bed after a long day.

12. That first sip of coffee in the morning.

13. Ordering two of everything on the menu, my treat.

14. Constantly having hand warmers available.

15. Always having a plus one, even without an event to attend.

Goofy & Funny “Dating Me Is Like” Responses

16. Finding an extra McNugget in your Happy Meal.

17. Watching Schitt’s Creek for the zillionth time — you know just what you’re going to get.

18. A long hike: sweaty and exhausting, but worth it for the view. (Totally kidding, I don’t hike!)

19. Sucking on a Sour Patch Kid. First I’m sour, then I’m sweet.

20. Adopting a new puppy. I’m cute, but also I might pee on your floor?

21. Being a chaperone on a field trip (I’m significantly shorter than you).

22. Hiring a clown for your birthday party, except you think I’m hot and you actually like me being around.

Casual & Low-Key “Dating Me Is Like” Responses


23. Winning The Bachelorette: a short but heavily Instagrammed ride.

24. “2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu.”

25. Hearing the last call bell at the bar: You know you’ve had fun, but it’s time to go home.

26. A five-star Uber ride. I’ll even charge your phone.

27. Going to a boxing class — I’ll get your heart rate up and tire you out.

28. Gravity (I’m down for everything).

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