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20 Responses To Hinge's "First Round Is On Me" Prompt That Stand Out

Try number 7 if you want to *get lucky.*

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In addition to calling itself “the dating app designed to be deleted,” Hinge is the perfect place to get a little cheeky with your potential suitors. The app’s profile prompts — which include a variety of open-ended statements, ranging from “Never Have I Ever” to “Dating Me Is Like” — give you the opportunity to showcase your personality, flaunt your sense of humor, and express what you’re looking for in a relationship, be that a drinking buddy on Friday nights or a partner to stroll through museums with on Sunday mornings (or both!). And one of the greatest, cheekiest prompts for landing matches (and dates) is, definitively, “First Round Is On Me...” No doubt.

It’s a chance to tee up your ideal date night activity, quickly spot matches with common interests, and — again — flaunt that delightful sense of humor of yours, of course. But beyond that, it’s also a chance to get plans in the books, like, ASAP. Instead of engaging in a never ending back-and-forth about your favorite episodes of Schitt’s Creek or The Office (which is cute, sure, but also exhausting), saying “First Round Is On Me” allows you to immediately ask your match out. All you have to do is follow their reply up with a quick, “Great, how about Thursday at 7 p.m.?” And boom! You’re out of app chat purgatory and officially on deck for a date.

Here are some ideas to try.

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1. If you take the mic first at karaoke.

2. If you can beat me in a game of mini golf.

3. If you’ll be my trivia partner — I’ll cover science and the Kardashians, you take ancient history. Deal?

4. If you’re down to make it a round of tequila shots. Let’s get this party started!

5. If you can top my knowledge of ‘90s sitcoms.

6. If you pick the bar — I’m new in town and in need of a tour guide!

7. If we start our night at the roulette table. I’m feeling good about number 17 — what do you say?

8. If you’re up for a coffee date? I’m a regular at Blue Bottle.

9. If dessert’s on you.

10. If you can beat my high score in Dance Dance Revolution at the arcade (I was obsessed in middle school).

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11. If you love the Red Sox even a fraction as much as I do.

12. If starting with a bottle of the house red sounds good to you, too.

13. If you promise not to mock my drink order. (I love a Dirty Shirley, what can I say?)

14. If we can try that new Italian place downtown — I’ve been dying to go.

15. If the second round’s on you. It’s the 21st century and I’m all about equality, you know?

16. If you can teach me how to tie a cherry stem with your tongue. I’ve always wanted to learn.

17. If you can name all of the presidents of the United States in chronological order. (I find it weirdly hot.)

18. If you’re up for a game of pool... and the loser picks up the second round.

19. If you’re not a chaotic fire sign.

20. If you show up in a cowboy hat — I’m serious.

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