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Rachel Recchia's dating history is private.
Here’s What We *Do* Know About Rachel Recchia’s Dating History

She’s kept it pretty quiet.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

OK, I’ll be honest. Rachel Recchia’s dating history is pretty secretive. There are no mysterious, untagged exes on her Instagram page, and her personal Facebook is nonexistent. (So, yeah, the results of my sleuthing were pretty underwhelming.) Though her romantic past might be private right now, it’s about to get way more public.

The pilot is ABC’s next Bachelorette (alongside Gabby Windey, obvi), and starting July 11, audiences will watch her meet/date 32 potential suitors. The new season will definitely be a change of pace for Recchia’s private life, but she seems ready for the ~journey~. In the Bachelorette season trailer, she said of the men, “Bring ‘em on!”

But just because Recchia is openly searching for love now doesn’t mean her past has been all smooth-sailing (smooth-flying?). When she appeared on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor, Recchia opened up about an unsupportive ex in her past. Not to mention, her romance with Echard himself did not exactly end on the best of terms — and during “After The Final Rose,” Recchia made it clear that all was not forgiven, accusing Echard of saying “I love you” just to sleep with her. (Oof.)

Here are all of the (known) details about Recchia’s dating history.

Rachel’s Mystery Ex Didn’t Support Her Career

During her one-on-one date with Echard, Recchia opened up about her relationship history, explaining how difficult it was to date with her career as a pilot. “As a woman, I have to work harder and I have to prove myself more every single day,” she told him, per Entertainment Weekly. Plus, according to Recchia, her ex wasn’t supportive of her career, even assuming that she’d cheat on him when traveling for work. Describing his love as “conditional,” Recchia made it clear that her forever person would need to be proud and supportive of her career.

That’s not all. According to a Reddit thread, Recchia’s ex responded to the episode in an Instagram Story. “My lawyer is gonna be busy 🌹,” he reportedly wrote. (Not sure what his lawyer would do about Recchia opening up about her unnamed ex, but I digress.)

Rachel Dated Clayton Echard From September - November 2021
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Recchia was a clear frontrunner throughout Echard’s season. And when he loudly proclaimed, “I love you,” while leaving their Fantasy Suites date, it certainly seemed like she was going to receive his final rose. Instead, Echard decided to pursue Susie Evans, another frontrunner who elected to leave the show after learning Echard was “intimate” with other women and expressed feelings of love for them.

It ended... badly. When Echard broke things off with Recchia, she told him, “I promise you that when you look back at this, this is going to haunt you, the fact that you let me go. I tried so hard, I gave you everything. I fought for this every single day and you never once fought for me.” (Brutal.)

During “ATFR,” things were still tense. “You told me that I was the first person that you said ‘I love you’ to in six years. I had no reason to ever doubt you,” she told Echard. “So did you tell me that you were in love with me because you wanted to sleep with me?” He denied it, but I still have a feeling these exes won’t be amicable anytime soon.

Here’s hoping Recchia’s next romance is the supportive, unconditional love she’s searching for!