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Here's How Meghan And Harry's Body Language Has Changed

"They're a true team."

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During Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s 2017 engagement announcement, they looked like a unified front. “They're a true team,” body language expert Traci Brown explained. They often hold hands and face each other. Per human behavior expert Susan Constantine-Perfido, this signals strong intimacy.

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At the start of their romance, Markle looked “slightly possessive,” per Constantine-Perfido. But according to Brown, the duo quickly started acting “in sync.” She explained that their body language hints at “a perfect match.” So sweet!

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Meghan and Harry’s deep connection is obvious in their body language, and their 2018 wedding was just one example of “true tenderness,” according to Brown. Even the way they held hands showed promise! “[T]hey’re going into this with love as a team,” she added. Goals!


This photo from Prince Louis’ christening also speaks volumes about the couple. Notice how Meghan is holding onto Harry’s arm? “Her gesture indicates that showing her connection to him is more important than etiquette. Who wouldn’t love that?” body language expert Blanca Cobb said.

A public kiss in July 2018 hinted at some serious passion between Meghan and Harry. Body language expert Patti Wood explained, “His hip is leaning on her hip, so they have that wonderful hip connection, but the mutual gaze... There's a lot of heat in that.” Yep, agreed.

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Their dynamic changed slightly after having Archie in 2019, shifting to “full protective energy” around their baby, but they’re still completely in sync. Brown explained, “Their attention is in the exact same place and they’re in step.” So adorable!

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After their Jan. 2020 decision to step down from senior royal duties, the couple became even more united. That March, an iconic photo of them sharing an umbrella went viral. “They're broadcasting that they're a tight unit and really in support of each other," Brown said. Love!

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At their TIME 100 appearance that September, they looked less “romantic” and “connected,” but were still a team. Brown said, "I think either the stress of their lives lately or just the gravity of what they’re saying is getting in the way of a deeper connection." Phew!

It looks like the disconnect in that interview wasn't anything serious — just a blip. By their March 2021 Oprah interview, the duo was back to mirroring each other's posture. “That's a trait of a unified relationship," Brown said. "Great couples naturally match each other."

All in all, Meghan and Harry’s body language is beyond promising. “They're happy and bonded as a couple,” Brown explained. Despite all of the family (and monarchy) drama, they’re still going strong. Goals.

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