Why I'd Never Date A Woman Who Supports Donald Trump, As Told By A Man

by Reggie Wade

I'm just gonna say it: I would never date a woman who votes for Trump.

And if you're familiar with my dating history, I shouldn't be turning down anyone. But if you're voting Trump-Pence, you're on the other side of my dating fence.

Now people may ask: Reggie, if a beautiful Trump supporter came up to you with some nice tight jeans, boots and a “Make America Great Again” hat you would pass? As bad as you're doing in the love department? The answer is a shocking yes.

Now let me explain, or as it was said in the '90s, “check myself before I wreck myself.”

As far as I'm concerned, self-respect is the most redeeming quality a person can have. Before we can truly have respect for others and who they are, we must have respect for ourselves.

I am a man who hates misogyny. I know hate is a strong word, but hate for racism, sexism and misogyny is nothing to be shy about.

The Trump-Pence ticket is without a doubt the most outright misogynistic ticket in our lifetime. A Trump victory on Tuesday would literally set this country back 43 years. Mr. Trump himself admitted during the third debate he would nominate judges that would overturn Roe v. Wade as soon as possible. We are literally talking about people's rights being taken away! Especially women's rights.

How someone could support a candidate who is flat out telling you they are going to take your rights away is unfathomable. That's like me, an Afro-Latino being psyched that my presidential candidate is going to abolish the 13th Amendment (which abolished slavery).

And it's not just abortion; the vulgarities that have come out of the Republican nominee's mouth are unprecedented. He publicly rates women from one to 10, and allowed Howard Stern to refer to his daughter Ivanka as a “piece of ass.” And how could we forget about “locker room talk?”

It was the scandal that almost derailed Trump's chances to become President back in October. In tapes from 2004, we hear the Republican nominee for President boast about how he kisses women without their permission, even admitting to grabbing their genitals.

When confronted with these tapes, Trump dismissed it as “locker room talk.” I think Michael Che of "SNL" said it best on Weekend Update: “When was the last time Trump was ever in a locker-room?” I mean, seriously.

Not to come to Trump's defense, but I have heard my fair share of vulgarities when I was on my high school baseball team, but you know what? That was high school. It's good to know someone who is one step away from the presidency has the same level of discourse as a high schooler -- and that might be unfair to the high schoolers.

Donald Trump is where I draw the line.

Trump's misogyny was even apparent during the second presidential debate moderated by Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz. Trump was belligerent through most of the debate, but the billionaire would become especially angry when Raddatz would chastise him, more so than Cooper. That is a tell tale sign of someone who is uncomfortable with a woman being in charge.

These are just many of the reasons I cannot date a woman who supports Donald Trump. Now, am I saying that I will only date Hillary supporters? No, of course not. Just because I like Hillary doesn't mean a potential love interest of mine has to. I'll date a woman who supports a variety of candidates, but Donald Trump is where I draw the line.

He's done too much and said too much.

So, if there is a beautiful girl at the other end of the bar eyeing me, and she has a “Make America Great Again” hat, you're barking up the wrong tree. Like Tyler Perry says, “I can do bad all by myself.”