Pro Athletes Are Slamming Donald Trump Over His 'Locker Room Talk' Defense

Twitter/ REUTERS

Donald Trump tried really, really hard to redeem himself during the debate on Sunday night after the entire nation heard him talk about women in a nauseating way.

Let me refresh your memory: "When you're a star... you can do anything... grab them by the pussy."

I'm still in shock.

In order to justify his derogatory statements from 2005, Trump decided to shrug them off as "locker room talk."

During the debate, he said,

This was locker room talk. I'm not proud of it. I apologize to my family, I apologize to the American people. Certainly, I'm not proud of it, but this is locker room talk.

OK, OK -- we can all assume a lot of people, *cough, cough, Trump supporters*, are brushing his comments off and moving on because it was just "locker room talk," right?

I mean, he did apologize ... sort of.


You know who isn't buying his bullshit, though? Professional athletes.

It's true: Pro athletes who spend a lot more time in locker rooms than Trump ever has are speaking up, and they aren't happy.

In fact, they're rightfully offended by the Republican nominee, and took to Twitter to assure the nation that "locker room talk" is nothing like what Trump has made it seem to be.

Take it from Frank White, who spent 27 years in locker rooms.


Or basketball player Blake Griffin, who's definitely heard plenty of real locker room talk.


Kendall Marshall of the NBA is positive this isn't "locker room talk."


CJ McCollum hasn't heard anything like that, either.


Jamal Crawford is straight up CONFUSED.


"It's a Ted Bundy quote."


Football star Chris Conley is in a locker room every day...


...and he KNOWS athletes don't talk about girls like that.


Soccer player Robbie Rogers is understandably offended.


Dahntay Jones of the Cleveland Cavaliers is, too.


This baseball player has made his point loud and clear.


As you can see, labeling a conversation about sexual assault as "locker room talk" isn't acceptable.

By attempting to do so, Donald Trump has tried to make it OK to demean women behind closed doors, as well as demonize professional athletes.

At least they're speaking up -- we never doubted you, guys.

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