Millennials And Sex: How We REALLY Feel About The Sex We're Having

by Alexia LaFata

Millennials are having a lot of sex. We're the sex-positive, orgasm-gap-closing generation. We embrace all ends of the sexual spectrum and all versions of sexuality, and we don't shy away from conversations about vibratorspublic sex, anal, slut-shaming, vagina piercings, masturbation and more.

But how do we feel about it all? Sure, we Millennials use vibrators and do all kinds of butt stuff to our heart's delight, but these open and honest conversations about the logistics of sex can only do so much. We have to get to the root of how we're feeling.

Are we actually satisfied with our sex lives? Do we feel confident about our performance in bed? Or are we just a bunch of horny pieces of sh*t who flop around on top of other horny pieces of sh*t without really knowing what we're doing, why we're doing it or if we're even enjoying it?

SKYN® Condoms by LifeStyles® recently revealed the results of their 2015 SKYN® Condoms Millennial Sex Survey, a massive survey in which they asked Millennials (18- to- 34-year-olds) a wide variety of questions about their sex lives.

They received responses from 5,117 sexually active men and women. Here are their answers about how confident they are in bed and how satisfied they are with their sex lives.