Men Reveal If They Notice The Effort You Put In Before A Date And Their Answers Are Surprising

Julien L. Balmer

Men: You can't count on them to notice all the effort women put in, and you can't count on them to love women as they are.


What I'm getting at is, women have long been taught to endure lengthy, detailed beauty routines for the benefit of and acknowledgement from the men around them.

However, recently, women have started flipping the script, and it is now much more common for ladies to dress for themselves rather than to appease the "male gaze."

Rock on, babes.

Alas, this isn't to say men aren't still paying attention to our efforts.

One Reddit user asked guys if they a) notice when their girlfriends put in effort and b) care about the effort they put in.

And honestly, their answers are kind of surprising.

For every man who "needs" lipstick and heels, there's another man who appreciates the natural look. Even still, some men are just left shrugging their shoulders, wondering what they should be noticing in the first place.

These guys are just doing the best that they can.

Who do women think men are? Rocket scientists?!

These dudes couldn't care less about the work that goes into our perfectly contoured faces.

Thanks for nothing, jerks.

But some are not only very vocal about how much they notice, but also why it matters to them.

Surprisingly, it makes them feel appreciated!

The dream, for me, is for him to notice, but to think I'm beautiful no matter what, like these gents do.

Best of both worlds, baby!

Look, ladies, men are only human, and as much as I like to lump them into one category, I guess their opinions and preferences aren't one size fits all.

Moral of the story? Just do what makes you happy and confident, and you'll attract the kind of Prince Charming you're looking for.