Stop Allowing The Media To Decide If A Woman Is 'Crazy'

When's the last time you saw a headline about a male celebrity being "crazy" because he couldn't keep a girlfriend? Probably never.

In fact, the headline was probably something along the lines of him being the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood or every girl's celebrity crush.

Now, how many times have we seen the headline "Taylor Swift Can't Keep a Man" or "Taylor Is Sad and Lonely After Another Breakup?"

Too many to count if we're being really honest here.

The media has decided that it's perfectly fine for a man to date around (ex: Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, John Mayer, Justin Bieber, etc), but when a woman dates around there is either something wrong with her or she's labeled a slut. Women are constantly forced to defend themselves in this respect.

Admittedly, I have found myself falling victim to the media and to believing the stereotypes they have pushed on us. I too have wondered why Taylor Swift is a serial dater, and assume she must be doing something wrong because of them stick.

In reality, Taylor is probably just an independent woman who doesn't need to rely on a man and knows what she wants. There is no shame in leaving one relationship because it's not right for you. You're supposed to date around in your 20s.

Taylor isn't the only target of the media when it comes to their attempts to stir up drama at the expense of a woman's reputation and image. Selena and Justin broke up years ago and we're still seeing articles about how devastated she is. Selena can't even get out of bed, and had to cancel her tour because of the Biebs.

The media has stereotypically depicted her as a tragic girl who can't get over her first love. And, people are ACTUALLY believing it. WTF?

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt divorced 16 years ago, in 2005. That's over a decade and, according to the media, she still isn't over him. In fact, she's still so in love with him that the recent news of the Brangelina breakup has encouraged her to get divorced and reconnect with Brad.

The effect that the media has on how women are perceived in relationships in Hollywood is disturbing. Relationships are so personal, and sometimes so complicated, that it's impossible for anyone, let alone the media, to figure out why they failed and then play the blame game.

Sometimes, they just do, and it doesn't mean it's because the woman is crazy. Continuing to buy into these kinds of stories is teaching young girls the wrong lesson.

Instead of seeing their idols as strong and independent women, they're being taught that women are to blame for failed relationships. That their life will either fall apart without a man or that something is definitely wrong with them if they can't keep a man.

NEWSFLASH: Men can be crazy, men can fall apart and women can be the ones to end relationships and move on.

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