Women Who Got Married In Their 20s Offer Their Best Advice To Single Girls

Whether you are on the fast track toward marriage or you're on the slow track to re-downloading dating apps and trying to meet someone for what feels like the millionth time, it's always fun to get advice from people in a different marital status than you are.

So for those who haven't tied the knot yet, here's some good advice from women who got married in their 20s and have quite a bit of good, bad and ugly experiences to share with the rest of us:

1. Don't rush.

Whatever you do, don't rush. I got married at 22 to a guy I had been with for just a year. We got married so young because we thought that was the logical next step for our relationship. It turns out, the next step was just to keep dating and maybe live together before getting married. We got divorced only seven months into our marriage.

—  Jessica S., 25

2. Don't settle.

I was married at 27 to a guy I had been with for five years. I was sure he was the one. A lot of my friends were married at that age, too, but to guys they didn't date for a while. They settled so they could just be married before 30. A lot of them are now divorced, and they admit they married someone just to settle down. Don't do that. Marry someone you date for a while and truly love so much, you can't imagine life without them by your side.

— Lindsey S., 32

3. Kiss as many guys as you can.

Once you are married, you only kiss one person's lips forever. Get out there and kiss a lot of guys — or girls — and have fun in your 20s before you marry just one person for life.

— Jennifer D., 34

4. Don't think twice.

If you have found someone you're comfortable with who makes you happy when no one else can, don't think twice. I know there are a lot of options out there now, with dating apps and dating websites, but don't waste your time looking for better when you already may have the best.

— Danielle P., 31

5. Don't have kids so quickly.

If you do find the 'one' when you are in your 20s and decide to get married, enjoy your marriage. I was married at 24 and had my first kid at 25. I wish I spent more time with just my husband and that I didn't rush into having kids and a family.

— Shelby P., 29