This Little Girl Who Won't Take Back Ex After He Dumped Her Is An Inspiration To All


Breakups are the absolute worst and put us in such a weakened state of mind.

However, although we're left feeling vulnerable, that doesn't mean we should ever give in if our ex suddenly comes crawling back, trying to make things work and mend the relationship back together.

Ain't nobody got that time for that, especially this one little girl who took to social media to express her thoughts on the matter.

Twitter user Nana Jibril posted a video of a young girl discussing what happened to her at school that day. And boy, was there draaaaammmaaaaaaa:

The girl immediately goes off on an intense rant, explaining that her boyfriend broke up with her. Then, totally out of the blue, he decided he wanted to get back together.

"My boyfriend, right?" she said. "The one that dumped me? He wants to get back with me, and I'm gonna be like, 'No, no, no!'”

Umm... what grade is this girl in, and how many baby teeth does she still have? You have boyfriend issues already? Are none of us safe?

A voice off-camera then asked the girl what happened after she totally rejected her ex-lover.

Apparently, the boy bought her some super-fine, definitely-high-class jewelry in the form of a beaded bracelet in the hopes of winning her back. Too bad his plan failed miserably, as this little girl had a better plan in mind.

"I will take the bracelet, but I won't take you!" she said she told the boy.

This girl is easily in kindergarten or first grade, and just look at that sass on her.

I'm not sure what her schedule is, but I think we're going to have to meet for a playdate, so she can teach me how to handle men. Because damn.

Her friend (or her sister), who's clearly the Michelle to her Beyoncé, chimes in with some one-off lines to show she's got her friend's back.


All in all, though, this featured, little star telling the story has left me wishing she had a talk show I could watch every morning before work.

If I ever feel inclined to get back with an ex of my own, I know who I'll be asking for advice from now on.

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