These Men Had To Wear Heels For A Day And Literally Couldn't Handle It

YouTube/Stylist Magazine

It's one of the more obvious truths so many males are oblivious to: Wearing high heels can hurt like hell.

Sure, walking in heels doesn't look like the most comfortable thing in the world, but if it weren't for girlfriends around the world demanding a five-minute break at any formal function ever -- because their feet hurt of course -- we men would have no idea.

Still, the best way to learn the pain wearing high heels entails is probably for men to try heels on for themselves.

Luckily for all guys everywhere, the men at Stylist magazine did so we don't have to.

For a day, these three British men wore heels everywhere: in the house, at meetings and even outside while trying to catch the bus.

There was lots of stumbling and lots of swearing, and the clips didn't end without one of the guys offering an apology to all the ladies out there:

I genuinely feel sorry for women...

The video is as funny as you'd expect. Check out the experiment in the player above and laugh accordingly.