If you need a lesbian couples Halloween costume idea, try Lily and Orla from 'Sex Education.'

9 Lesbian Couples Halloween Costumes That *Aren't* BFFs Or Sisters

Inspired by your favorite TV icons.

by Zara Barrie
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Confession: The thought of couples' costumes for Halloween makes me vomit in my mouth a little bit. I think I was scarred once by seeing a straight couple dress up as peanut butter and jelly, and it haunted me for the rest of my life. But to be fair, not all couples' costumes are bad or corny, and there are even Halloween costumes for lesbian couples that you might actually want to wear (without having to dress up as besties or sisters).

I'm a firm believer that a Halloween costume should be a bit chic, sexy, clever, and bad*ss to be effective. I'm not into the whole "this is so corny and funny in an ironic way" thing, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve slowly but surely started warming up to the whole idea of couples costumes. Of course, it's bad enough that people mistake lesbian couples for sisters and roommates in our day-to-day lives, let alone on our beloved holiday, which is why I tend to look to famous on-screen couples for Halloween costume inspiration. From The Wilds’ Toni and Shelby to Riverdale’s Cheryl and Toni (plus a few characters not named Toni, too!), here are some pretty awesome Halloween costumes for us sapphic couples that are too cute to resist.

Casey & Izzie From ‘Atypical’


While Casey has A+ style, the easiest way for you and your boo to take on Atypical’s cutest couple is by recreating their Clayton Prep uniforms.

For Casey, you’ll need:

For Izzie, you’ll need:

Cheryl & Toni from ‘Riverdale’ 

The CW

If your love for Choni from Riverdale runs deep, then you and your partner can take on the series’ most iconic couple by copying their trademark styles.

For Cheryl, you’ll need:

For Toni, you’ll need:

Calliope & Juliette from ‘First Kill’


Does anything say Halloween quite like vampire romance? Bella and Edward have nothing on these two. Starting with a school uniform is a great way to build an easy, recognizable costume, and this option allows you to get crafty.

For Calliope, you’ll need:

For Juliette, you’ll need:

Lily & Orla from ‘Sex Education’


Few couples have a style quite as quirky as Sex Education's Lily and Ola. For Lily, turtlenecks, fanny packs, and space buns are a must, while Ola favors rainbow prints and her trademark green bomber jacket.

For Lily, you’ll need:

For Orla, you’ll need:

Fabiola & Eve from ‘Never Have I Ever’


To take on Never Have I Ever’s Fab and Eve, you can easily invest in some matching “Jodie Fasters” T-shirts from their relay race and pair them with track pants.

For Fabiola, you’ll need:

For Eve, you’ll need:

Toni & Shelby from ‘The Wilds’


Dressing up like enemies-turned-lovers Toni and Shelby from The Wilds just requires a few simple pieces, messy hair, and plenty of dirt.

For Toni, you’ll need:

For Shelby, you’ll need:

Kate & Mallory from ‘Cruel Summer’


Though it’s still unclear where Kate and Mallory stand at the end of Cruel Summer Season 1, it’s clear to me their ‘90s-era outfits would make great Halloween costumes.

For Kate, you’ll need:

For Mallory, you’ll need:

Bette & Judy from ‘The Sandman’


A twist of fate brings these relatable characters together for a Halloween-appropriate tragi-romance.

For Bette, you’ll need:

For Judy, you’ll need:

Megan & Graham from ‘But I’m A Cheerleader’

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A retro suggestion! But I’m A Cheerleader follows Natasha Lyonn’s portrayal of Megan, a high school cheerleader, as she’s sent to a conversion therapy camp. Her time at the camp doesn’t go as intended and her exploits make for the coming-out-meets-coming-of-age movie of a generation. It also makes for a fun, recognizable, and easily assembled costume.

For Megan, you’ll need:

For Graham, you’ll need:

So there you have it, ladies. I promise these lesbian couples costumes will definitely not get you confused for best friends, twins, or sisters. Whichever couple you choose, be mindful of Halloween costume etiquette to avoid committing an offensive faux pas. It’s fine to dress up as a character whose race or ethnicity is different from your own, as long as you do so by donning their signature fashion. Don’t attempt to alter your skin tone or eye shape with makeup, and don’t resort to wigs to modify the texture of your hair. Now get out there and have some sexy Halloween fun!

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