10 Halloween Couple's Costumes Inspired By Netflix Shows You & Your SO Love


If you and your SO love Halloween as much as I do, then you know it's officially time to start brainstorming for your couple's costume. So many dress-up duos are so overdone, and for a look that's totally original, you can use your fave streaming service for inspiration. Forget that old "Netflix and chill" couple's costume — if you want to impress your fellow party guests, then take on an iconic Netflix couple this year. I've put together some Halloween 2020 couple's costumes inspired by Netflix shows, and I guarantee most (if not all) people will be able to appreciate these TV duos from Outer Banks, Blood & Water, and other amazing series.

As much as I hate to admit it, Halloween will likely look a little different in 2020 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't still celebrate. From Zoom parties to socially-distanced festivities, there are plenty of ways to show off your couple's costume in 2020, so go ahead and get your costume on. Whether you want to stick to a budget or go all out, these Netflix-inspired costumes are super easy to put together and def worthy of a post on the 'Gram.

John B & Sarah From 'Outer Banks'

Star-crossed lovers John B and Sarah Cameron from Outer Banks are the ultimate cool couple (both onscreen and IRL). To get John B's Pogue style, you just need an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and neck bandana, and for Sarah's beachy Kook look, think high-waisted white jeans and a crop top.

For John B: Short Sleeve Hawaiian Shirt ($19), Gray Paisley Bandana ($4.99)

For Sarah: Yellow Tube Top ($12.99), White Denim Leggings ($15.99), Gold "S" Necklace ($12.99)

Lily & Ola From 'Sex Education'

Few couples have a style quite as quirky as Sex Education's Lily Iglehart and Ola Nyman. For Lily, turtlenecks, fanny packs, and space buns are a must, while Ola favors rainbow prints and her trademark green bomber jacket.

For Lily: Yellow Turtleneck ($15.99), Multicolor Knit Cami Top ($6.89), Tartan Fanny Pack ($17.99)

For Ola: Rainbow Tank Top ($11.99), Green Bomber Jacket ($21.95), Rainbow Pin ($3.99)

Maeve & Otis From 'Sex Education'

Maeve Wiley and Otis Milburn are the classic will-they-won't-they couple of Sex Education, and as different as they are, they just make sense together. In Season 2 of the series, Maeve traded in her leather and combat boots for a quiz team uniform, while Otis stuck to his usual parachute jacket and jeans.

For Maeve: Yellow Short Sleeve Shirt ($17.63), Maroon Bow Tie ($6.99), Hoop Earrings ($9)

For Otis: Satin Bomber Jacket ($41)

Devi & Paxton From 'Never Have I Ever'

You may be Team Ben, but it's hard to deny the chemistry between Devi Vishwakumar and Paxton Hall-Yoshida. For Devi's look, you'll need her trademark pink backpack and hoops, while Paxton is rarely seen without his red swim team jacket.

For Devi: White Crew Tee ($6.29), Yellow Ribbed Tank ($9.99), Striped Shorts ($19.99), Hoop Earrings ($9), Pink Backpack ($11.97)

For Paxton: Red Zip-Up Track Jacket ($24.50), Gray T-Shirt ($6.99)

KB & Puleng From 'Blood & Water'

The only thing cuter than Karabo "KB" Molapo and Puleng Khumalo from Blood & Water: their school uniforms. Parkhurst College may not be a real school, but you and your boo can look the part of Parkhurst College students with maroon blazers and white button-ups.

For KB: Maroon Blazer ($23.99), White Collared Shirt ($6), Navy Blue Tie ($8.35), Chino Pants ($20.50)

For Puleng: Maroon Blazer ($23.99), White Collared Shirt ($9.74), Plaid Skirt ($15.98), Plaid Crisscross Neck Tie ($5.99), Gray Thigh High Socks ($9.99)

Nadia & Guzmán From 'Elite'

Just like KB and Puleng, fan fave couple Nadia Shanaa and Guzmán Nunier from Elite provide the perfect Halloween costume with their chic school uniforms. To get the Las Encinas look, you'll also need some blazers and button-ups.

For Nadia: Gray Blazer ($23.99), White Collared Shirt ($6), Gray Pleated Skirt ($19.60), Maroon Crisscross Neck Tie

For Guzmán: Navy Blazer ($22.60), White Collared Shirt ($6), Red Striped Tie ($12.90), Maroon Pants ($24.50)

Raymond & Camille From 'Hollywood'

For a fabulous 1940s-inspired costume, you'll want to take on Raymond Ainsley and Camille Washington from Hollywood. If you're looking to go all out, then I recommend taking on their looks from the Oscars ceremony.

For Raymond: White Suit Jacket ($20.99), Black Bow Tie ($4.95), Black Pants ($17.85), White Button-Down Shirt ($6.57)

For Camille: Pink Bandeau Floor-Length Dress ($37.99), Choker Pendant Necklace ($9.99), White Elbow-Length Gloves ($5.99)

Sydney & Dina From 'I Am Not Okay With This'

Though it's unclear whether their kiss will bloom into an actual relationship (and now, sadly, fans will never find out, as I Am Not Okay With This was canceled after one season), there's no denying Sydney Novak and Dina Bryant's relationship is cute AF. Their styles — though very different — are also super easy to copy.

For Sydney: Olive Corduroy Jacket ($30), Maroon Hoodie ($17.90)

For Dina: Pink Pullover ($24.78), Gold Layered Necklace ($13.98), White Converse High Tops ($21.99)

Kat & Justin From 'Spinning Out'

Kat Baker and Justin Davis' love story is amazingly steamy, and no, I'm not over Spinning Out's cancellation. Though I wouldn't advise wearing ice skates to any Halloween parties, you can still dress up as this duo easily enough.

For Kat: Maroon Leotard ($18.81), Black Bolero Shrug ($17.45), Black High-Waisted Leggings ($7.99)

For Justin: Blue Zip-Up Mock Neck Sweatshirt ($19), Black Jogger Pants ($17.99), Black T-Shirt ($7.11)

James & Alyssa From 'The End Of The F***ing World'

James and Alyssa from The End of the F***ing World may not be the most romantic couple, but they're def one of the most interesting. To take on their look from Season 2, you'll need a suit for James and a waitress uniform for Alyssa.

For James: Black Suit ($42.99), White Button-Down Shirt ($6.57), Black Tie ($6.99)

For Alyssa: Yellow Waitress Dress ($43.99)

Now turn off the Netflix, grab your SO, and start planning!