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Here’s The Zodiac Sign You’re Least Romantically Compatible With

You can still make it work, but there might be challenges.

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Dating can be overwhelming. It can often feel like there are just so many people out there. That's why having some criteria to help you filter out folks you don't think you're suited for can be really helpful. There are some obvious signs to look out for: initial physical attraction (or lack thereof) or major red flags that stand out. But what about the more subtle signs someone isn’t the right fit? That's where knowing some of the least compatible zodiac signs might come in handy.

It’s important to remember that zodiac compatibility is not a guarantee that a relationship will succeed, and sun sign incompatibility does not automatically spell doom. “Zodiac compatibility is about so much more than sun signs,” Erin River Sunday, the lead astrologer at Birthdate Co., tells Elite Daily. “The moon is very important when it comes to how you feel nurtured, and Mercury can show how well people in romantic relationships communicate (or don’t!). Sun sign compatibility, or incompatibility, is a very small piece of the overall romantic puzzle and shouldn’t be treated as black and white.”

That being said, sun sign compatibility can be a helpful tool that might give you deeper insight into someone’s personality and whether or not they'll mesh well with yours. “Any two signs of the zodiac can be compatible, and therefore no two are ever completely incompatible,” Sunday says. “However, there are some signs that might have a more difficult time together than others.” With that in mind, here are some of the least compatible zodiac signs.

Aries & Cancer
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Fun-loving and impulsive Aries needs an innately optimistic partner who can go with the flow. Cancer tends not to be either of those things. “Aries and Cancer can make a steamy couple because of their fire and water elements, but they can also take on a dramatic child-parent dynamic that can make them feel incompatible,” Sunday says.

Sensitive Cancer needs security and predictability in a partner in order to open up and be safe, and not to mention, they're easily wounded. This pairing just requires too much patience for Aries, who will end up feeling like they're always walking on eggshells with emotional Cancer.

Taurus & Sagittarius

Taurus and Sagittarius want totally different things from life and from partnerships, which can create major friction between them. “Taurus and Sagittarius is a difficult pairing,” says Sunday. “The Taurean is stubborn and appreciates life’s predictable comforts, while Sagittarius enjoys learning by pushing boundaries.” Earth sign Taurus wants a warm and reliable partner who shares their desire for a secure and comfy life surrounded by nice things. Air sign Sagittarius, on the other hand, wants to wander and stay free of anything that would hold them back, including material things.

Gemini & Scorpio

Geminis like to keep things light, breezy, and above all, interesting. Knowing that, it's not surprising that they're often drawn to Scorpios, who are passionate and mysterious. However, after the initial attraction wears off, these two signs quickly find themselves at odds with one another. “Gemini and Scorpio struggle emotionally,” explains Sunday. “While the Gemini wants to keep things light and playful, Scorpios are, bluntly, in pursuit of their lover’s soul.” Emotional Scorpio wants to dig deeper and can become possessive, while Gemini wants to pull back and keep their options open. This tends to create a cycle that usually ends poorly.

Cancer & Aquarius

Above all else, Cancer needs security in order to open up to a romantic partner. They thrive best with someone who is expressive and emotionally engaged. That just isn't Aquarius, who's not very emotive and often eschews traditional attitudes toward love and relationships. This means Cancer has a hard time feeling fully safe with them.

“Cancer and Aquarius have a hard time respecting each other’s space,” says Sunday. “The Cancerian needs a stable and cozy home life, while Aquarius people are full of surprises and likely have a much more progressive idea of home. Aquarians are also likely to feel smothered by the nurturing tendencies of Cancer.” Aquarius likes to speak their mind and be blunt, which easily wounded Cancer takes to heart. In the end, this pairing tends to make an already hesitant Cancer even more disillusioned with love.

Leo & Scorpio
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For Leos, it's best to steer clear of Scorpio, as relationship between them will likely be full of conflict and power struggles. That’s because there can only ever be one star in Leo's relationship, and that is Leo. This won't sit well with Scorpio, who prefers to be the dominant partner in the relationship. As a water sign, Scorpio is “all about emotional security and protection, while Leo [a fire sign] is more about consistently expressing themselves authentically,” Houston-based astrologer and cosmic writer Chelsea Jackson previously told Elite Daily. “Because of their differences, Scorpio may see Leo as conceited or self-absorbed, while Leo may struggle to understand Scorpio’s intentions.”

Virgo & Sagittarius

Virgo and Sagittarius view life in such different ways that make it hard for them to ever see eye to eye. Earth sign Virgo is detail-oriented, logical, and grounded, and they don’t particularly like those who are scattered or unorganized. Conversely, Sagittarius prioritizes excitement and adventure and can easily get bored with Virgo’s desire to be bit rigid. While Virgo excels at logical decision making, Sagittarius tends to be more of a free thinker. “Simply put, Sagittarius sees life as a journey, not a destination,” Jackson said. “Meanwhile, Virgo is stressing over the directions before even getting on the road.”

Libra & Capricorn

The ruling planets of these two signs couldn’t be any more different — Libra is ruled by Venus, and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. “These two planets represent completely different things: Venus is all about love, unity, and creativity, while Saturn is all about discipline, rigidity, and discernment,” Jackson said. “As a duo, Libra and Capricorn are coming from very different sides, making it pretty challenging to see eye to eye.” While air sign Libra is laid-back and cares more about social relationships than personal accolades, earth sign Capricorn is motivated by work, status, and reaching goals, making it difficult for them to sit back and relax at times.

Scorpio & Libra

Scorpio's biggest issue in relationships is usually their jealous nature. With a partner who works hard to earn and keep their trust, this side rarely comes out. A notoriously flirty, social sign like Libra can really bring out this sign's jealous side. “Scorpio and Libra have some of the same problems a Scorpio and a Gemini have — the ability (or lack thereof) to go deep,” Sunday explains. “Scorpio will be attracted to Libra's magnetism, the lighter version of their own, but frustrated by how flirty they are in crowds.”

Sagittarius & Capricorn
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Sagittarians hate feeling trapped in relationships. They're the ultimate free spirits, and they usually need plenty of freedom and alone time to be happy. A sign as traditional and cautious as Capricorn has the potential to make them feel locked down. “Sagittarius is all about expanse, and Capricorn is the most restrictive energy,” says Sunday. “While these two won’t have a lighthearted relationship, learning about each other’s boundaries could serve to teach them both a lot.”

To be fair, Sagittarius' laissez-faire attitude toward, well, most things is a huge turn-off for Capricorn, who usually puts this sign directly in the friend zone. That's where this connection can truly flourish.

Capricorn & Gemini

Capricorn is a methodical, traditional, goal-oriented, and down-to-earth sign. Gemini is all about following their impulses and interests, and they can change direction with the slightest breeze. In other words, they'll have very little in common. It's not that these two signs will have a ton of friction, but rather, there's little to really peak each other's interests.

“Capricorn wants to work, and Gemini wants to play ... which leaves this potential pair at odds with each other,” Sunday says. “Capricorn will also be easily frustrated by Gemini’s changing moods while Gemini believes Capricorn takes everything much too seriously.” They make for great work partners, but a romance will typically fizzle before it even really gets started.

Aquarius & Taurus

Aquarius wants to do their own thing, in their own way, at their own pace. They are proud of their unique attitude and individualism. Taurus, on the other hand, wants home, hearth, and commitment, and can’t quite understand why Aquarius doesn’t. “Aquarius and Taurus are possibly the most stubborn pair of the zodiac,” Sunday says. “They both want to do things their way, but have a radically different idea of which way is best.” They'll struggle to get on the same page.

Pisces & Aquarius

Pieces is a very sensitive sign that wants to be swept off their feet, fairytale-style. They want the epic romance, the grand gestures, and the happily ever after. Aquarians tend to see these flights of fancy as silly. There are real problems in the world, and they need a partner who's a little more grounded and less emotionally needy.

It's not that these two signs can't get along, but rarely is there a spark between them, and neither is really capable of giving the other what they need. “Pisces rules the collective unconscious, while Aquarians rule the collective consciousness,” Sunday explains. “These two are likely to pursue their dreams in radically different ways ... but if they can move past that, they’ll see they both have the pulse of the current zeitgeist.”

Again, astrological compatibility is no guarantee of a love connection, but it can serve as a general guideline. Any zodiac pairing has the potential to work, but some relationships might require a little more effort to get on the same page. That being said, if it seems like you keep swiping right on the wrong people, it's worth considering the folks you are most astrologically compatible with and seeing how that can help.


Erin River Sunday, lead astrologer at Birthdate Co.

Chelsea Jackson, Houston-based astrologer and cosmic writer

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