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3 Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Aries, So Shoot Your Shot

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If you've ever felt like the people you date are lazy when it comes to seduction, or that they aren't willing to put in the effort to show they're interested, then you probably haven't been dating an Aries. Ruled by Mars, the planet associated with aggression and power, Aries isn't shy about going after what they want. This passionate fire sign has a surprising romantic side that comes out when someone truly touches their heart. This is particularly true when they're dating one of the zodiac signs most compatible with Aries, because everything just clicks into place.

Aries can be a bit of a serial monogamist who bounces from relationship to relationship. They love the art of pursuit and seduction, and when they catch feelings for someone they go all in — sometimes a little too quickly. Despite their best intentions, they have a habit of dating people who might not be quite the right fit for them, even though there's attraction on the surface. But as a natural optimist, it doesn't take Aries long to bounce back and search for their next partner.

Ultimately, Aries is looking to find someone who can keep up with their level of energy and share their verve for life. They need someone who isn't afraid to challenge them — so, feisty types, move to the front, please. An Aries is blunt, so they value loyalty and straightforward behavior; they're instantly turned off by immature mind games. They also require a confident partner who has their own interests and will give Aries room to be their spontaneous self. Here are their three most compatible matches:

Gemini (May 21 — June 20)

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When Gemini and Aries meet, they make falling in love look so easy. That's because these two have an instant mental connection. Aries brings a dynamic, adventurous spirit that not only piques Gemini's curiosity — it holds it (no easy feat for this air sign). Once this pair meets, they quickly form a connection. The only challenge is ensuring their emotional bond is as strong as their intellectual and physical ones. Otherwise, this couple can find themselves adrift in the FWB zone.

Leo (July 23 — Aug. 22)

Want to talk about a power couple? Look no further than Leo and Aries, two fire signs that only burn brighter when they come together. Both signs are full of energy, warmth, and a desire to get the most out of every moment in life. While they run the risk of butting heads, they also have the strength to challenge one another in ways that allow each party to grow. Leo has to be careful about being a bit too bossy, as Aries doesn't appreciate being told what to do; Aries should watch their fiery tongue to avoid offending the Leo. But if these two can let each other be the star of the show every once in awhile, they'll be set for the long haul.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 — Dec. 21)

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If you're looking for white-hot passion, then Sagittarius and Aries will bring the heat. For these spontaneous and uninhibited signs, the chemistry is off the charts. Not only do they mesh on a sexual level, but these two are kindred spirits out of bed, too. Both have an innate wanderlust that pushes them to try new things and expand their horizons with new experiences. It's very rare for them to find a partner who both can maintain their pace and desire for adventure, but who also genuinely understands a need for personal space. They have an unspoken dynamic that just works. Aries needs to put in special effort with their Sagittarius partner to foster a romantic and emotional connection that's as powerful as their friendship and sexual bond if they want to go the distance together.

It's not hard to be drawn to Aries because they're just so magnetic and possess such a force of personality. Any sign in the zodiac can make a relationship work and be happy with this passionate fire sign. These three signs just make it look so easy because they're a match made by the stars.

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