Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's body language the VMAs was hot and heavy.

Kourtney And Travis' Body Language At The VMAs Was Sexy And Edgy

They’re having a wild time.

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have been pretty hot and heavy all summer (sometimes, ahem, to her ex-boyfriend’s discontent), and their red carpet debut at the MTV VMAs on Sept. 12 was no exception. From the rock-and-roll aesthetic of their spike- and leather-covered ensembles to their prom-like poses and quick makeout session (tongues and all!), there’s no denying this duo is into each other. Like, very into each other. And Kourtney and Travis’s body language made that crystal clear.

Kourtney helped introduce Travis before he performed his new single “Papercuts” with Machine Gun Kelly. (She and Megan Fox intro’ed Travis and MGK as their ”future baby daddies” — saucy!) Ahead of the performance, though, Kourtney and Travis strutted their stuff for the cameras, and they definitely didn’t shy away from PDA.

According to body language expert Traci Brown, the couple are undeniably “having a good time” and “clowning around out there.” That said, there’s also a bit of edginess and tension in their physical interactions, and in the ways they’re dressed.

“It’s like danger,” Brown, author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, said. “A little bit of danger…. But they’re into it.”

Here’s what their various poses and feisty kisses say about the pair’s relationship, according to a pro.

Kourtney And Travis Aren’t Afraid To Get Close


While Travis’ spiky jacket says “keep away,” per Brown, the way he’s holding onto Kourtney shows that he wants to get close to her. And the way Kourtney’s leaning in? It shows she’s loving it; she’s not going anywhere.

“He’s grabbing her really tight… but she’s having a great time and their bodies are kind of squished together,” Brown said. “They're pressed together and she's for sure leaning in towards him. See her back foot? It's like pushing in towards him. I mean, that's one image that they're going for.”

In other words, Kourtney and Travis are trying to send a message that they’re together; their bodies (and mouths… and tongues...) are basically one.

They’re Goofy Together


In another shot, Kourtney and Travis almost appear to be shaking hands — he’s reaching out for her with both arms, and she’s giggling and holding onto him. Again, the pair are close together. And again, they seem to be having loads of fun together.

“I think they choreograph these just for the effect that they want because this is their brand,” Brown says. They want to look silly and playful, sexy and intimate all at once, showing that they’re enjoying each other’s company in every sense.

“She’s having a fun time up there,” Brown says.

Travis Wants To Be In Control


Of course, Kourtney and Travis weren’t completely in sync throughout the evening. Another photo shows them in what’s almost a classic prom pose, but their separate body language indicates that they’re not quite on the same page here.

“She’s trying to be sexy and cute,” Brown says. “And then he’s doing this weird non-grip thing on her… But then he's kissing her head and that's a control thing. This whole thing is about control for him.”

Then again, the pair appeared to be pretty choreographed throughout the evening — sticking their tongues out, joking around, trying to send a clear message about their relationship and their connection. It’s obvious that Kourtney and Travis are feeling each other (literally and physically). We’re excited to see how their relationship, and their body language, evolves.


Traci Brown, body language expert