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On April 11, Kim Kardashian posted an Instagram with Pete Davidson from 'The Kardashians' Hulu premi...

Kim Posted A Ridiculously Cute Picture With Pete, And I Can't Deal

That caption, though!

Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage/Getty Images

OK, so technically, Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson went IG-official on March 11, but their inaugural post was full of non-Kete pictures, too. For a gal who is used to breaking the internet, the original IG carousel was a little — dare I say it? — underwhelming. Thankfully, she didn’t leave fans hanging for long. On April 11, Kardashian’s Instagram with Davidson after The Kardashians premiere was surprising, charming, and definitely break-the-internet worthy.

Though Kardashian and Davidson have been dating since November 2021, they have kept their romance pretty private. That said, any small peak into their relationship is noteworthy, and this photo-captured moment definitely qualifies. Taken after The Kardashians red carpet premiere on April 9 (the show’s Hulu release is April 14), the pictures show the couple sharing an intimate moment over mostly-empty plates of pizza.

Kardashian captioned the post, “late nite snack,” and it seems pretty clear that she wasn’t referring to the food on the table. In the first photo, Davidson is half-hidden behind her, kissing her cheek, with their arms around one another. In the second, they are sweetly staring into each other’s eyes, pizzas clearly forgotten. The overall vibe? High school sweethearts going to the nearest diner after prom — and TBH, I’m here for it.

Though this isn’t the first we’ve seen on the duo together, it is one of the sweetest. Plus, when it comes to Kete, I’ll take what I can get. So far, their romantic relationship has been so much more private than her previous romances. There are a lot of potential reasons for this: Kardashian’s in the middle of a messy divorce, her new reality show hasn’t been released yet, and Davidson doesn’t even have an Instagram to re-post all of her Stories.

Though these outside factors probably have an effect, keeping this relationship a little quieter was also a purposeful choice on Kim’s part. Back on March 16, she explained why Davidson was barely on her IG. “I have the cutest pictures of us, and I want to be like, ‘Oh, my God, we’re so cute,’ but then I’m like, ‘Don’t be so desperate. Don’t be posting so much, just give a glimpse,’” she explained to Ellen DeGeneres.

If anything, her silence has only made fans more eager to learn more... which is pretty much exactly how you want them to be feeling ahead of your new reality show’s release. I, for one, don’t think April 14 can come soon enough.